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First Date| Full on Makeup??!!

Hi darlings!
Today I wanna talk you about "first date" or, at least, the makeup you should wear (but you can wear whatever you want! Don't get me wrong!)...
First thing first, you should go with a natural makeup, and for "natural" I mean a light base, paired with a full coverage concealer, remember to dab it only in the areas you'd like to cover (on the imperfections), NOT EVERYWHERE!

Heavy contour-highlight?! JUST NO! You don't have to change your face, mainly on your first date! Let the person you're dating understand who you really are, without looking fake! I know... I know... This thing is on trend right now... But don't follow the crowd!:)
Smokey-Eye? Yes! But not the darker ones! Go with a light makeup, that has pink or brown tones (or what looks better on you!) but don't wear dark shadows, stay on the natural side! Go with a matte smokey-eye if you wanna be "bolder"... Matte colors make you look classier!Bold lips?? YES! Feel…