January 23, 2015

MUG | What to Buy??

Hello makeup-addicted!:)
Today... It's not a real post... It's more like a question... FOR YOU!
Now... Let me explain!
I live in Italy and, as you may know, the crisis is huge! But what is worst is that the taxes (the worst is IVA, which is basically the money you have to pay to the state when you buy something, even when you buy something on-line which does not come from the EU zone, and now it's rated about 22%) are really high! And Italians have to pay that extra-money when buying something!
So, if you want to pay less and (maybe?!) avoid custom entry, the order has to be "small" maybe even less than 20 euros! (it means that I have to order 3/4 shadows at the time! Which sucks! Cause I have to pay two times the shipping cost!)

What I would like to ask you is:" what shades do you think are MUST-HAVE??"

Now... I'd love to have some nice must-have matte shades on the neutral side! And I choose mine, already! Even thought I'm thinking about placing the order on March!
Here you are the colors I chose:
White Lies: a white, matte shade!

Vanilla Bean: an ivory shadow, matte finish!

Peach Smoothie: do I have to say something about it??? Everyone raves about it!

Mango Tango: a warm/peachy color, not too dark, brown shadow!

Creme Bruleè: another warm-toned brown, but less warm than Mango Tango!
Cosmopolitan: this photo doesn't make him justice! But this is a pink/peach with gold-flex in it!

I know, I know... I'm a boring girl! But you know... Since this will be an investment, I decide to buy some classic matte shades, which are perfect for every type of makeup!
I chose, definitely, mine, after watching KathleenLights video, which shows all the shadows that she and allows you to see the "real" color of the shades! (sometimes the on-line store photos don't shows really well the real color! And if you have bought something on-line you'll understand what I mean!)
Now... I'd love to know if there are other shadows that I should buy! Maybe after this orders! I'd love to know your opinion! 
Anyway... Thank you for reading this post and, if you did, to reply!:)

XOXO, Fede:)

P.S. all the photos are taken from the Makeup Geek site!

January 19, 2015

You are awesome!

Hi guys!
Yesterday I was thinking about myself  and the relationship I have with my body.
Now that I'm a "grown up" (I'm more conscious about who I am-and-everything-related) I see (and accept) myself as I really am. If you're a teen who has some problem accepting herself/himself... DON'T WORRY.
As the time goes by, you'll start learning that nobody's perfect, like you! Start embracing yourself as the most perfect human being you know, don't worry about what people say and look at your reflection in the mirror and smile, cause YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.
I understand that is hard to accept ourselves as beautiful or pretty, it has been hard even for myself and I'm not telling you that this journey (yes, it's a journey!) is going to be easy, probably it'll be one of the hardest of your life! But believe me, it'll be worth it!

This post is not the longest I made, but it's definitely one of the most important! I hope this post inspire you to improve you self-confidence...
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XOXO, Fede:)

January 17, 2015

Looking fancy?!

Hi everyone!
Today I'd love to share my tricks for not looking "fancy" (yeah! In a bad way!) and looking good if you wanna create a classy, nice look!
There are some tips that may help you... And actually they are really "stupid" but sometimes we need to remember ourselves what not to do!
  1. Don't use only shimmery shadows: I always see, when I go to the mall or somewhere, women that wear only shimmery shadows! And every time I stare at them looking like a stupid! The best thing to do is to use a matte transition shade and a nice matte browbone highlighter! I love matte eyeshadows and mainly I wear matte eye-looks!
    Having glittery shadow all over your face is not a good thing! *credits: Glamour.com
  2. Don't wear glitter on your face: glittery blushes could work, if you have a nice skin, but you better avoid them if you have larger pores! Even highlighters! In the market a lot of brand launch finely-melted highlighters, which give you a nice scene without looking like a glittery mess! Even the drugstore versions are great!
  3. No spidery lashes: I think mascara it's the staple of every girl! It enhances your eyes making your lashes looking full and long! But don't exaggerate!Too much mascara will make your lashes clumpy and not-so-good-looking! 
  4. Blend your blush: do I have to say something more about this thing?? I don't think so!:)
    Oh Godness... I don't wanna look like that!
  5. Don't outline too much your lips: everyone love full lips but not when they look fake! Outlining them a little bit is good, if you need to, but don't overdo with the lip liner! Just try to do it in the most-natural-way!
    Every girl tried to outline her lips like Kylie! Even I did! And you wanna know how I looked??

Like Miranda!:)

Sooooo... That's it for today! Let me know if this tips were helpful! And if there are some mistakes that you hate seeing on other people!!!:)
Thank you so much for reading my blog, love you:)

XOXO, Fede:)

January 9, 2015

Maybelline "FitMe foundation" Review!

Hello guys!
Today I have a review for you!
This could seems like a "stupid" review, cause I have oily skin and this foundation claims to be perfect for normal/dry skin! But... Trust me... Sometimes you don't have to trust what there's wrote on the label of products!

What Maybelline sais:
Why You'll Love It
It’s face makeup that fits you.
  • No oils, no waxes, no nonsense
  • Natural, Light to medium coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be. Fresh, breathing, flawless.
  • Exclusive transluscent base and lightweight pigments allow skin’s natural highs and lows to show through.
  • New shades formulated specifically for women of color contain revolutionary 5-D pigment technology to balance your skin’s authentic tones and highlights.
  • Available in 18 Breathable Shades. SPF 18
What I think about it:
Even thought it's an hydrating foundation this is perfect for oily skin during the winter-time, when the skin gets really dry! It's not heavy at all but it covers the blemishes pretty well (you may have to build it up if the skin is really red), it's not cakey at all! If you have extreme oily skin you may have to avoid this but if your skin gets dry (or it's dry anyway) it may be perfect for you!
At the end of the day my skin looks dewy, but not oily!
I usually apply it with the Real Techniques "buffing brush" cause I don't like apply foundations with the fingers (I don't know why but my skin gets oily sooner) and the cover is light to medium! But not definitely total coverage! You can build the product up and it doesn't get cakey (on my under-eye it does, but I still have to find the perfect concealer/foundation who doesn't crease on this area! Tell me if you have some "magic" product!).
WAIT! After having tried three shades of this foundation (115, 120 and 125) I have to warn you that the number 120, after a month and a half change is color and becomes darker and orangier! (I discovered this thing only yesterday! And I'm really, really sad!) so... Avoid the shades with yellow undertone! Maybe mix the 115 and 125!
I'm sorry I didn't wrote this initially on this post, but I didn't know it! I only discovered it as the time went by!

The FitMe range is nice! They have powders, blushes, bronzers and concealers! But... Actually... I'm not so into it! Let me know if I should have!:)
I know that in the US area (and Canada I think!) Maybelline has come out with the matte version of it! And I hope they'll come even in Europe! 
I think that's it for today! I hope this review was useful! Let me know what you think about this product (if you've tried it!). Btw... I'm thinking about getting the new Infallible foundation from L'Oreal, what do you think about it??

Love you, Fede <3

January 5, 2015

2015 Goals!

Since 2015 is here I wanna share with you my goals! "Why??" You may ask... Cause if I tell the world what I'd love to do during this year I feel more motivated! And if you are like me... Leave yours in the comment below! I'd love to know what yours are!
  1. Be more positive: I have to admit that I'm a negative person, if something happen I start having bad thoughts. You know... It's like the story of the half full/half empty glass I used to see it half empty! And I use to even now!
  2. Earn some money: find a wok, starting earning some money through this blog... Everything I can I'll do for earning some! 
  3. Be a better person: I think it's always a good thing trying to improve yourself! Do you think so??
  4. Be more present for my blog: since I started university I had less time to spend on my blog, cause of the tiredness and homework, but I hope to have some time to spend on it! Cause it's what I really love to do!
  5. Be THANKFUL: to everybody, especially to you! Every single person who reads my post has a place in my heart! As soon as I started this blog I understand why youtubers and bloggers are always thankful to the readers/viewers! 
So... Thank you for reading this post (and the others if you did too!) you are so important to me! 
Subscribe if you want! I'll be more than grateful!

Love you, Fede:)

January 2, 2015

What I got for Christmas?!

Hi everyone,
today I'd love to share with you some of my "Christmas thoughts" but I don't want to write about what I got for Christmas and how amazing and expensive other presents were!
Since I'm a YouTube addicted (those are my favorite channels, beauty and not) I saw all of the "What I got for Christmas" videos and I can honestly say that you don't have watch those and think that you're unlucky or whatever you could think (I'm talking about bad thoughts, obviously!).
You know... I learned that sometimes you can't have what you really want! But you don't have to feel sad!
Like everything, good or bad, the lucky will turn back and, if you're living a bad moment don't worry, it'll pass!
Not receiving an iPad, an iPhone or a MacBook (or whatever it may be) is not so important! Even though I'd love to receive one of them;) but a lot of person can't afford those things! Like me and like you, maybe! So you're not the only one who watch those videos and wish that you could have, someday, a Christmas like that!
You know... Maybe some Chanel eyeshadows, some YSL lipstick... I'd love those but... They're not a reason to be sad! *Credits:www.bellamentestyle.com

The point of all this post is that you have to be happy for what you have, not sad for what you don't have! Be thankful for everything in your life and regret nothing!

I know that for some of you this could seem stupid but if you're a YouTube addicted like me... You'll understand why I wrote this post, definitely!
Let me know what you think about it! And tell me what was the best thing of Christmas! Mine was definitely see my family happy, even thought we couldn't afford presents (this crisis sucks, and I live in Italy so... It's even worse! Will the situation get better?? Maybe not!)!
By the way... It snowed! I'm so happy for that! There's not a lot of it but... Better than nothing!:)

Hope you all have great holidays!
XOXO, Fede:)