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Flu?? Not Today!!

Today I would like to talk about cold/flu! And mainly how to "avoid/prevent/fight" them!
During this period it's so hard not to get "something" and, when you get it... It's a disaster! And you wanna only to make it go away!
But! I have some "tricks" that help me feeling better (sooner) and I hope those will, eventually, help you! But I hope you get nothing! Without rambling... Let's go to the post!
Avoid milk: it may seems stupid but, mainly in case of the flu, milk will make the situation worse. This is because it's harder to digest and your body has to work harder for it! It seems difficult even for me (and I'm a "milk in the tea" type of person! Even thought I'm Italian and this is not a "trend" here!) but, when I start to feel that something is wrong, I remove it from my diet.Lemon & Orange are your best friends! You already know it... VITAMIN C IS THE BEST! I put lemon juice on the tea (which I th…

Shut up!

Hello everyone!  I hope your weekend has been great! Today I decided to do this post about the silence! You know, sometimes this could be embarassing or makes you feel free! It all depends! What I really appreciate most is the silence of a person when she has nothing good to say to another person! Do you know what I mean??  I on't like giving bad answers to people who are doing or saying something wrong! Who am I for judging them? I could make the same mistake in the future! Don't you agree?
I don't like offend other people and I think that, with silence instead of bad words, people could really understand what you didn't say! And appreciate you in a good way! Cause you respected them and you didn't make them feel foolish! 
I think that's it! For now! I hope you liked this post! Let me know what you think about it!:)

XOXO, Fede:)

This is your body!

Hello guys!
Today I would love to share my impression with you about the "trend" that is famous worldwide: BIG BOOTIES and THIN WAISTS!
I actually didn't know if I really want to talk about them! Cause, at least, for me, this is a stupid topic! BUT... Maybe it's important because the influence that social media gave us, make us think that WE HAVE TO HAVE A BODY LIKE THAT!
I read a lot of articles that said that "men loves big booties and slim bellies" and some times women believe in those and start some extreme diet (with a lot of exercises, obviously!) for becoming an "ideal woman"! But, when I asked my boyfriend: "hey! Would you like a girlfriend with a body like that?" He said:"Are you kidding me?? That's not pretty at all! And not even sexy!"
So... I think that his answer explain everything!
What really makes me worried is the fact that people start to see this body shape as NORMAL
I'm not talking about women th…

Cold Weather Friendly Products (Drugstore edition)!

Hello everyone!
I hope everything is fine! Today I wanna tell you what my top makeup products (for the colder months) are!
If during the summer I try to avoid products that make me oily (but not so "heavy"
on the skin! Like BB creams or foundations that have matte finish), in the winter I love glowy skin, even because I prefer hydrating products, whose help my skin looking healthier, less dry and less gray (if you know what I mean!) and cause my skin is not so oily during this period.
So... Without further do... Let's get into the real post!
Hydrating foundation (in particular the "FitMe!" by Maybelline New York): I hate this type foundations during summer but, in the winter, I LOVE IT! It's so hydrating and the color matching, for me, it's perfect! It doesn't emphasize the dry patches on my face and it doesn't crease on the fine-lines! Which is also perfect if you have mature skin (my mum loves it too!). I haven't buy it yet, but I need to …

Maybelline "Colossal Go Extreme!" mascara review!

Hello everyone!
Sorry if I have not posted a lot during this weeks but, since I started university everything has become insane! I litterally had no time for writing something! Even if I'd love to!
Anyway... Today I have a review for you!
I actually bought this mascara because it was on sale! Tell me I'm not the only one guilty of doing things like that!:) And because it was a favorite of some youtubers!

What Maybelline say:
Our biggest mascara brush with the double curved stem delivers a double shot of mascara. Smoother formula with double the collagen plumps without clumps. Why You'll Love It
Pumped up volume up to 16X with the first double shot brush that scoops up an extra shot of plumping formula for the most pumped up volumizing lashes ever. For Best Results
Sweep the double shot brush from root to tip for instant volume and bigger lashes.
US 7.77$ (this is like the "Pumped Up! Colossal", the wand it's the same!)
UK £6.99
EUR  10/12 eur
What I…