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Stress Relief 101 | The Lazy Girl Guide

Every day something happen and I find that almost every little thing, at the end of the day, stresses me out! (please, tell me I'm not the only one!)
The consequences are that most of the time I cannot sleep well and when I wake up I'm even more tired and stressed out! But not only this! I've got headaches, constipation (sorry, TMI!) and I start eating junk food!
Since I'm trying to change my lifestyle (I mean, not radically, but eating healthier! Like not drinking Coke or everything related and not eating so much junk food!) I find some tricks that help me calm down and calm down my stress level!

One thing I have to tell you is that you have to learn doing those thing, just because I feel like, at least, for me, it was more like a journey (it took me about half a year to understand what to do!).

I mainly (ok, fully!) focus on my nightime routine, just because that is the time of the day that is actually more relaxing!
I find that, after a long day, when I come home I…