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Match Perfection Concealer | Rimmel London

Hi everyone!

I MUST say I'VE FOUND THE PERFECT CONCEALER! And I'm really excited!!!
Now... No one seems to talk about this! And I hope it's only because there are a whole lot of concealers that "hide" this one (like the ones from Maybelline, Nars, MAC and all the other brands!).
I find that this is not sponsored (there are no advertisers that show the product in any way and usually it's hide in an unusual place in the Rimmel stand!) and maybe this is another reason because is not-so-famous (the only YouTuber that uses this is Rachel, from Rachloves!).

What Rimmel say:
Skin Tone adapting concealer.
Conceal signs of fatigue Highlight & Illuminate eye area.
Soft precision brush for the delicate under-eye area.

U.S. 5$
UK 6£

What I think:
I've found that the product itself it's amazing! It doesn't crease a whole lot (unlike other concealers I've tried! Luckily! And even the FitMe creases on me!) and it has a nice long-la…