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Best Way To Clean your Brushes!

Hi everyone!
After a long time and after washing so many times my brushes with different types of product I have discovered the best way to clean them! FINALLY!!

I've tried the dish-soap and oil method that a lot of youtubers do (and appreciate) but it didn't work! Every time I washed my brushes, no matter how much soap (and/or oil) I used, the oily-feeling never went away

SO... I decided to try with the hand soap... It worked, but I still had to rinse almost three times my brushes after cleaning them, cause the soap residue was still there (and I wasted a lot of water! BTW!).
And then it was the time for the soap bar, that worked! But it was a little bit too harsh on them!

I finally discovered the winning method! The homemade soap bar (made with "natural" products)! Actually that soap bar was a gift and I never thought it will work (as soon as I finish the ones that I have I'll definitely made some by myself!)!
Since there are …

Things I'm Obsessed with!

Since I've never done a "favorites" post in almost an year, I thought that it was the right time to do one! I must have to say that I do't buy a lot of products, not because I don't like makeup (duh!) but because I have to spend my money on more important things! So... If you're on a budget and you're searching some good drugstore products... This post is made for you! I hope you enjoy it!

NYC Big Bold Bronzing Powder (602, MetropoliTan): This bronzer is just amazing! It's really blendable and it stays on all day long! The number 601(which I'm planning to buy!) seemed more orange and that's why I choose the darker shade! I must say that this one has a red undertone but it'sa nice contouring shade! Since it's not too light you don't have to put on a ton of it! Just build it slowly! BTW... I'm still loving my bronzer in "Sunny"!

Essence All About Matt compact powder : this is the only powder that set my con…

Light-Sweatproof Makeup!

Hi everyone!
Summer means FRIENDS, FUN, SUN... But also SWEAT, HOT AND SUNBURNS! I know, I know... You may see that I don't love summer too much... And IT'S TRUE! I am not a summer person, I LOVE COLD!
I cannot stand the hot weather and that means that as soon as the climate gets hotter the way I see makeup it's totally different than how it was before!
I cannot stand foundations no more and I love lightweight products (and maybe those are products that during the cold months I hate!) and if a product is just a little "heavy" I start hating it!

So... All of this means that I have to change my makeup routine! The less product I use, more I'm happy! And actually... During summer I don't care about people thoughts about my under-eye circles or imperfection!

The first thing I do is to not use my foundation! When it's hot outside this is the first thing that disappear on my face! And why do I have to waste foundation??  It also make me nervous when I wea…