December 4, 2015

Sigma Brushes Dupes??!! | Jessup Brushes

Hi everyone!
Today I want to talk to you about one of the best investment of my whole life!
I've stumbled across this brand randomly, while browsing the net, and I saw few videos about those brushes, hearing that they where supposed to be dupes for Sigma brushes which, we have to be honest with ourselves, Sigma increased the prices of their brushes and now they're not so cheap (few years ago they were not so expensive! If you are in the "makeup world" for a while, like me, you'll remember) and even thought the quality is great (or, at least, that's what most beauty gurus say! I've, personally, never tried them!) not everyone has all of that money to spend on makeup brushes!
    Jessup 10Pcs Professional Make up Brushes Set Foundation Blusher Kabuki Powder Eyeshadow Blending Eyebrow Brushes Black/Silver
    This is the "Kabuki" set I'm talking about! And trust me... They're as good as it seem on the photo (even thought it's obvious that Photoshop is this image's best friend!!)

So... This brush set intrigued me a lot!
I don't have all that money to spend on brushes cause, you know, I have to eat! And, after a while of thinking about, I decided to risk and I've bought the set!

I was so surprised the first time I touched them! They were so soft that I thought "oh well... The first time I'm going to wash them they will be ruined!"...
I washed them the same day they arrived, cause since they arrived from China after a month (and the company put some products on them that make the insect go away and "save" the brush, which smell a little bit!) with hand-soap and water... And after they were still perfect!

After almost two months of testing (I didn't have a lot of time for writing post, thanks UNI!) I have to say that those brushes are just INSANE! The quality is great! They're soft and don't shed which, to me, those are the most important things!
They apply the product flawlessly, althought I have to say that tend to "eat" some of the product when I use liquid foundation, but since I apply it directly to my face I pass over this defect (which could be not a good thing if you apply the product on your brush first and then apply the product to your face! If you know what I mean!).
Even thought this is a kabuki set, I use it for almost everything! With the bigger ones I apply foundation, powder, bronzer and concealer; with the smaller ones concealer (on my eyelids), eye primer, eye-shadows, contouring (my nose) and highlight.
I must say that, at first, I didn't know what to do with all of these brushes, but as soon as I started using them... I understood that I didn't need to wash my (only) foundation brush once a week anymore... XD
Last thing about this topic... Which is the most important, to me... I bought the set on aliexpress and I made sure that I was buying it from the REAL SELLER! Sometimes, even thought the prices are low, some stores could sell fake products... So make sure it's the right one!

So... I can pretty much use only those brushes for doing my makeup!
I'm thinking about buying other set from them... But I actually don't need all of those brushes, and that's the thing that stops me from buying more! The only thing I can say is that they should be selling single brushes, apart from the already existent sets!

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed this post, comment below if you have tried this brushes (and if you like them) and if you have some questions the only thing you have to do is ask!:)

October 9, 2015

10 Things Italians are Tired of Hearing | #letsgetreal

This is another post of Italian-related things (here's the previous one!), that I'm tired of hearing! I watch a lot of videos on YouTube and when I hear some of those I actually get mad! Just because those are not true!

  • Pizza: there's no "New York" or "Chicago" pizza-debate in here... Pizza is pizza... Am I right??
    This is the Chicago-style pizza...

    ...And this is the real Italian pizza!
  • Italian language and accent: "God! I didn't know Italian was so similar to Spanish!"... Ehm... Of course! They are both "Romance languages"!! And no... Not all Italians have the accent that Americans usually try to imitate... Cause you know what?? Italy has a lot of different cultures and with those, a lot of different accents!
  • Nutella: not every food is been created by Americans... Nutella at first place... We are actually really proud of it!
  • Pasta with Meatballs: WHAT?? Never eat it! And I think I never will! (oh and even Maccheroni!)
  • Late Dinner: do you actually believe that we eat at 10 p.m.??? First thing first is not so healthy to go to bed when you've just eaten! Second thing... The reality is that we eat at 7 p.m. (some people at 8)... 
  • Religious People: I go to the church at Christmas and Easter... That's it! And most young adults do like so! We are not so religious as you may think! (our grandparents are, but that's because of the habits, mainly)
  • Picky about food: as people of the rest of the world, we're just used to our flavours! 
  • Cheese on pizza: the cheese on the pizza is not an undefined type of cheese... It's mozzarella!! (and sometimes Parmesan)
  • Big parties: actually I hate "big" parties with a lot of food... And I think that I'm not the only Italian person who hate the opulence of big parties (like the ones that you see on TV, like Buddy's ones!)
    If I have to tell you the truth, I've spoke with REAL Italians that were on vacation in New York and they went to Buddy's "shop"... They told me that it was expensive as hell! And what they've eaten tasted nothing like the REAL version!
  • Pasta: we don't eat only pasta! I actually don't like so much! Is it a pretty "fast" dish to make?? Yes! Most Italians return home for having lunch (if they work/study) near home and that is the fastest dish you can make if you want something warm to eat!! So... Sometimes we just eat it for practical reasons!
    Those are the "tipical" plates of every region... The names are not right (some of them)... But you also can see that Italians don't eat only pasta! Oh and you can even see that with all of those regions the  accents definitely change! (the one you are used to hear is from the south!)
  • (Bonus! AgainXD) Curiosity: we are not so curios as you may have heard... I mean... The rest of the world does always not care about others and doesn't give a f**k about other people?? I actually don't think so!  (but personally I make my own life and I don't like to search for gossip! It's not my attitude!)

I'd love to know if you've enjoyed this post! And if you want to read more about this things!:)
That's it for now! Let me know in the comments what you think about it!
Until next time,

October 4, 2015

10 Things That Italians Will Never Understand | #letsgetreal

Hello everyone!
Are you someone who watches videos on Youtube but, since you are not American there are some things that you think you'll never understand??? Here you are the perfect post for you!

I think that most of these things could be related to all Europeans, but since I'm Italian, I've thought this title would have been more real like that!
Let me know in the comments if I missed some things! Cause I've had so much fun writing this post (and I'm actually so proud of it!)!
I'm thinking, also, to do some other posts like this! Let me know if you enjoyed it!

  1. "Pumpkin-Spiced" food: Pumpkin Spiced latte, pumpkin spice candy, pumpkin spice creamer... What is that??? We don't even know what the flavour of pumpkin spice is!

    In here we have only the classic version of Oreos!
  2. Fast Foods: oh there's a McDonald in the nearby... And also Burger King!... But... Like... You have to drive for 20 minutes to get there! Oh wait... There are others type of fast food in the world??? Let's be real... In Italy fast foods are not so popular... And I think that they will never be! CAUSE PIZZA IS LIFE! (not really... But we enjoy more eating at "local restaurants" with regional dishes instead of fast food... I don't eat pizza often...)
    If you are a "normal" Italian (who doesn't travel abroad a lot!) You will only know McDonald's and Burger King! Maybe Subway if you travel a bit more!
  3. Coupons: "buy one get one free coupon", on the newspaper, in every magazine...Why in the U.S.A. there are coupons everywhere??... And what?? We don't even know what they are (basically!)... We just look at the groceries on offer! That's it!
  4. Avocados: it seems like avocados, for most people, are life... But sometimes Italians don't even know what they are!!! 
  5. Eating fast food more than once a week: what?? I feel guilt for eating at McDonald's... Like... Six month ago! (And the day after I worked out for almost two hours!)
  6. Groceries stores open at night (or till midnight!): in here shops close at 8p.m. ( 20:00, if you are Italian!)... And if you have some crazy cravings after that hour, you keep it till the next day!
  7. Inches: how much is an inch?? Cause one meter is like... A meter! 100 centimetres! 10 decimeters! And a mile??? No... We will never understand that (mainly just because we are used to the decimal system!)!

  8. Weight: "I weight 60 kilos..." Sorry... How much do you weight in pounds?? Don't ask this question to an Italian... He will never answer...
  9. Temperature: The temperature has hit 100 degrees in California today: a hundred degrees??? No way!! Water boils at 100 degrees!! Are you kidding me??
  10. Starbucks: what is that??? WE DON'T HAVE STARBUCKS IN HERE! And it will never be! Cause Italy is the homeland of espresso and "American coffee", for us, tastes like nothing! What do you mean for "latte"... Cause for us means MILK (YES! That's the meaning in Italian!)...
11(BONUS!).  Cakes: when Americans talk about cakes doesn't understand what an Italian "means" for the word "cake"... Because for cakes we, mostly, think about "patisserie" cakes! Like Saint-Honorè or in general cakes made with custard cream, but they have nothing to do with American-Cakes! (ours are more like pies, but not really!)...
That's not what we mean for cake and even thought they are becoming more popular a lot of people think that the classic ones are tastier!

In my family this is the most rated cake! #tiramisùistheway

So... Am I proud to will never be able to understand this things?? Sometimes, I must say! There are some aspects of Italy that  I love, but others that I hate till death! But I think that this happen to most of us!
With this post I don't want to make you believe that Italians are mind-closed, btw... We just have our story and our culture, that has developed for centuries and we (or you) cannot change it!
We may not be the best people in the world, but if you treat us right, we are nice and welcoming!

I'd love if you could share this post (wherever you want!)... And maybe follow me on Bloglovin and on social media!

Oh and... By the way... Italy is not just PIZZA AND MAFIA... Try to understand!


September 19, 2015

Dear Fat People | WHAT??

Hi guys!
Since I've decided to "change" the input of my blog I thought that I should tell my thought about what happens in my life and everything I want to write about!  (and in the comments you can do too!)
Today I ran across this video:


... Not because I want to defend "fat" people, just because everybody knows that it's unhealthy beeing fat!...

...BUT... Because of the rudness of this girl!

I mean... Everyone has a different story and that, sometimes, can be related to his/her "health situation"... Beside an unhealthy body could be hidden a HUGE (and maybe DRAMATIC) story... And... Who are we for judging???

This is the model Tess Holliday... She is a supporter of the idea of loving our body like it is... And I think this is great thing!

Recently something similar has happened with this model (I saw on the social media a lot of bad comments about her!)... And I've found that this was a nice example to talk about!


Is she pretty?? YES, OF COURSE SHE IS!!!

Do I think she is a good example for the women in general?? YES AND NO...

For people like me, who has tried for years to get in shape (with all that "standards" that social media gives, which are so STUPID!!) but still "don't look at their best" (I eat helthy and I do exercise! But I'm still curvy, as my boyfriend sais!XD), it's nice to see a woman like her that feel so confident about her body! And even thought I feel like I have to loose some weight, in the meanwhile, I still have the "opportunity" to love my body as it is! Which is what everyone should do!

BUT... The image of this model could be misunderstood! This is not a image of a (healthy) body who works out and who eat healthy (which, maybe, she does! But sometimes there will be no results! I'm not judging her!)... I'm saying this because, most of the time, overweight people are unsure about their bodies and vulnerable, and seeing an image like this could make them think that beeing obese is good!

This is the curvy model Ashley Graham. In case you were wondering (which I know you do!XD) I look more like her! But you know, I still workout and I feel healthy! (I've just texted my boyfriend, he sais I'm not this "fat", I don't actually knowXD)

I think that, after all of this rambling (sorry!XD) you've understand my thoughts! Nobody's perfect but we have to appreciate ourselves anyway! One of the things about beeing careful is, anyway, to not arrive the "excess", of whatever thing may be!
Let me know your thoughts!
Until next time,

September 10, 2015

What Will I do???

Hi guys,
today I want to talk you about one of the most common questions teenagers and young adults ask themselves almost every day!

You know, I'm 21 and few days ago I was talking with my boyfriend (which is also 21 and in my same situation!) and I realized I actually don't know what I want to do and in my future there's a huge hole that bothers me so much!

I know that I'm young and I still have my whole life ahead but it's hard to know that you don't know what to do WITH YOUR WHOLE LIFE!
I'm a type of person who doesn't like changes and who tries, in every each way, to reach stability in her life.

The world keep pushing us for reaching the top, and adults talk about our future as if it is something "sure"! But we still don't understand them!
I wanna be an architect?? A chef?? Do I want to work?? Do I wanna go to school?? I DON'T KNOW!

It's hard to think about our future right know, and you know why?? We are young!! We still have a lot to learn about ourselves and the worst thing we can do is PRETENDING THAT WE KNOW OURSELVES! I'm not talking about egoism, but about self-consciousness!

Sometimes we have to understand that most of the time, for those answers, there's not a perfect answer, and (almost) certainly we will answer to the question even in our thirties! We have to grow, understand a lot of things of life and of ourselves!

This is not a beauty related post, but I feel like in this blog, lately, I just want to share my thought about life and whatever I want! Just because I know that, all around the world, there's someone that would like to know that is not alone in an hard situation, and making her/his know that things will get better! 


August 17, 2015

Back to School 101 | #thelazygirlguide

Hi everyone!
Since it's back to school season (sadly) I've thought it would be nice if I share with you some tips that helped me graduating from high-school! For a lot of persons those years could be really hard, but if you take it with the right spirit the time will fly and you'll suddenly miss the high-school days (like I do! Trust me! If you have the right friends and the right classmates, you will have a lot of fun, even during tests!). If you have some insecurities when talking about studying, this is the article for you! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Take your time and don't be afraid: new subjects, new arguments, school means learning, and we all know that! The most important thing is to understand that everyone is different and everyone learn things in different ways and in different time. If you don't understand something immediately, don't panic! Relax and take your time! Even if that means studying a little more than usual!
  2. Don't care about others: as I already told you, everyone is different! In a classroom everyone is different from the other mates and that is the point! Feeling the pressure of learning something immediately is one of the worst things, especially if your classmates tell you "oh! It's so easy!" (sometimes hearing this phrase is so upsetting! But trust me, you're not stupid!)
  3. Focus on the subjects you're good at:everyone's brain is different and if you're not so good in math-related-subjects (or every subject you want, it was jest an example) but you don't have to give up on them! If you know that votes on those subjects are not so good, focus, mainly, on subjects that you love and that you know you can have high votes! 
  4. Don't procrastinate: procrastination is one of my biggest pet-peeve and I have to admit that I used to do it all the time back in the days! I've learned, during the time, that I'm not the person who can afford to procrastinate the time I spend on the books! I've learned that the best solution for obtaining great results is to start studying, at least, three weeks before the test! I'm not talking about doing it for 6 hours, every day, for three weeks, don't misunderstand me! I'm talking about studying half an hour per day (or a whole hour, it depends on you and on how much you have to study!) for three weeks! This technique will allow you to fully learn and understand what the test-topic is about and the long-term memory allows you, even if you have some last-minute panic attack, to remember what you've studied!
  5. Skip some days: studying every day of the week is not a good thing! You have to understand that in some days (like Saturdays and/or Sundays) the books are more happier when closed (and so will you!XD). This allows you not to think about school and will relief your body and your mind from all the stress you've gained during the week!
  6. Teachers are there to help you: don't be scared and if you need, ask your teacher an help! They're here for solve "your problems" and to help you! Sometimes, I must say, teachers that seem so "hard" are the best! At the end of your journey, you'll understand how much they've helped you! And you will forever grateful to them!

So... Those are my tips! I know that going to school could be really hard but I also think that education is the key for succeeding in life so, be strong and make your parents (or the people you love) proud of yourself!

July 28, 2015

Best Way To Clean your Brushes!

Hi everyone!
After a long time and after washing so many times my brushes with different types of product I have discovered the best way to clean them! FINALLY!!

I've tried the dish-soap and oil method that a lot of youtubers do (and appreciate) but it didn't work! Every time I washed my brushes, no matter how much soap (and/or oil) I used, the oily-feeling never went away

SO... I decided to try with the hand soap... It worked, but I still had to rinse almost three times my brushes after cleaning them, cause the soap residue was still there (and I wasted a lot of water! BTW!).
And then it was the time for the soap bar, that worked! But it was a little bit too harsh on them!

I finally discovered the winning method! The homemade soap bar (made with "natural" products)! Actually that soap bar was a gift and I never thought it will work (as soon as I finish the ones that I have I'll definitely made some by myself!)!
Since there are some oils in the recipe of this soaps your brushes will not be ruined (the method of the dish-soap and olive oil doesn't work for me! It almost ruined my buffing brush from RealTechniques! DAMN!) but since in here there are no harsh ingredients, everything is ok!

Now... The biggest problem of this type of soaps is that they're not antibacterial and this means that the brushes are not fully clean... You can easily solve this problem by spritzing some alcohol on the brush with a small container with a pump and, without ruining the brushes, all the germs will be gone! Or, if you make them by yourself, just put some alcohol in the recipe and you will be ready to go!
A small perfume container like this is perfect!
So... That's it for today! I hope this post was helpful! Let me know if you have other methods for cleaning your brushes! Cause I'm courious! Maybe yours will work best!:)
Let me know if you've enjoyed this post!

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July 18, 2015

Things I'm Obsessed with!

Since I've never done a "favorites" post in almost an year, I thought that it was the right time to do one! I must have to say that I do't buy a lot of products, not because I don't like makeup (duh!) but because I have to spend my money on more important things! So... If you're on a budget and you're searching some good drugstore products... This post is made for you! I hope you enjoy it!

  •    NYC Big Bold Bronzing Powder (602, MetropoliTan): This bronzer is just amazing! It's really blendable and it stays on all day long! The number 601(which I'm planning to buy!) seemed more orange and that's why I choose the darker shade! I must say that this one has a red undertone but it'sa nice contouring shade! Since it's not too light you don't have to put on a ton of it! Just build it slowly! BTW... I'm still loving my bronzer in "Sunny"!

  • Essence All About Matt compact powder : this is the only powder that set my concealer and don't make it crease! I use it only in the under-eye area, cause on the rest of the face I use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder! 
  • Essence Long-Lasting lipstick (13, Love Me): It's a MUST HAVE if you love natural lipsticks! It's a nice pink, almost mlbb type of color! It gives you a natural flush without being like "boom! In your face!" I think I just found the perfect lipstick! Here's the review!
  • L'Oreal Infallible Foundation: I'm sure you heard a lot of things about this foundation! And I'm not going to write a lot (at least, in this post! If you'd like to read a review just let me know!) about it! The only thing I can say is that THIS IS AMAZING if you have combination/oily skin!
  •  Rimmel Match Perfection concealer: I've heard no-one talk about this, actually! And I don't understandd why! This product is simply AMAZING! It doesn't crease on the under-eye area and I have to admitt that this is better than the "Dark-Circle Eraser" from Maybelline! If you have problems on finding the perfect concealer, just TRY THIS!

    I hope you liked this post! I'm planning on doing a review on those product (if I don't have already done!)... Let me know if you have some request! And what you think about the products, if you've tried them! 

July 13, 2015

Light-Sweatproof Makeup!

Hi everyone!
Summer means FRIENDS, FUN, SUN... But also SWEAT, HOT AND SUNBURNS! I know, I know... You may see that I don't love summer too much... And IT'S TRUE! I am not a summer person, I LOVE COLD!
I cannot stand the hot weather and that means that as soon as the climate gets hotter the way I see makeup it's totally different than how it was before!
I cannot stand foundations no more and I love lightweight products (and maybe those are products that during the cold months I hate!) and if a product is just a little "heavy" I start hating it!

So... All of this means that I have to change my makeup routine! The less product I use, more I'm happy! And actually... During summer I don't care about people thoughts about my under-eye circles or imperfection!

The first thing I do is to not use my foundation! When it's hot outside this is the first thing that disappear on my face! And why do I have to waste foundation??  It also make me nervous when I wear it! Cause it feels like a "film" on my face and it seems like it clog more my pores!
This is the foundation I wear during warmer months! It actually stays on pretty well and it controls the oil on your face!
When I have to wear it I use to mix it with a moisturizer, and it makes it more lightweight (I don't like full coverage foundation anyway, so I don't care if I lost some of the coverage)!

Concealer, then, become my best friend! I put in the places where I need coverage (usually on my under-eye area) and it makes me feel good with myself without dealing with the heavy foundation-feeling!
This concealer is just AMAZING!

I usually powder after this step, cause with the hot weather the concealer will crease no matter what!
Concealer also prime my eyebrows and allows me to fill them with powder without adding more product (like eye-shadow primer).
The last two steps are bronzer and mascara. I think that mascara is my best friend (am I weird??? Please... Tell me not!) and I don't have a lot of problems with normal mascaras (that are not waterproof) but if you have watery eyes or you tend to sweat a lot, go for the waterproof version of your favorite mascara!
For bronzing my face I use the classic "3 motion" with a large brush(not contouring, cause during summer I look for the bronzed look!).
This is the multi-task brush from Real Techniques and it's the one I use for bronzing!

NYC Big Bold Bronzer in "MetropoliTan"

I use the NYC Bronzer in "Sunny" for the days when I'm paler and, if I'm not so pale, as a blush!

So... This is what I do on my everyday bases during summer! Tell me what you use during the warmer months! And let me know if you're like me and you hate hot weather! I feel like I'm the only one! Let me know if you enjoyed this post!