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How to stay motivated during a weightloss journey!

Hi everyone! Today I wanna talk about what kept me motivated during my weightloss journey! Loosing more than 30 pounds has not been the easiest thing and I have to be honest... Someday I felt great and some days I felt like I was only a failure. Those days were soooo hard and what kept me going were the "little" things that I've listed in this post... Do those solve the problem? NO... But they can help a lot, especially when you have a bad day! I.    Set realistic goals Sometimes we see super-shredded women/men on Instagram and we're like "I wish I could look like her/him" and we start working out with that idea in mind... AND IT'S GREAT! Until you realize that your body-type (maybe, we're all different!) is not meant to be like that... Everybody is different and what I've experienced overtime is that you don't have to train to look like someone, you train to be the best version of yourself! II.  Do not mind the scale Muscles weight more th…

Mistakes I made at the gym | My Weightloss Journey

If you're trying to loose some weight, working out will help you obtaining the results you want faster (even thought nutrition is the MAYOR KEY TO SUCCESS!), but you have to be careful not to exaggerate!

Here's the mistakes I made, that didn't allow me to see the results I was hoping for!

I. NOT HAVING A REST DAY"I have to loose weight, I should work out every day, seven days a week, and that's what I'm gonna do!"  WELL... THAT WAS MY MINDSET Our muscles need some rest and having a rest-day is the best thing to do!

II. TRAINING ALL THE MUSCLE GROUPS AT ONCE, EVERY SINGLE DAYI used to spend almost three hours at the gym on a daily bases(which, btw, it was and it still is a room in my house basement!), doing cardio for half an hour and the rest of the time training all the muscle-groups! It's the same concept as the rest day... Your muscles need some rest! Training one/two group of muscles per day is the best thing, you give to the other body parts some re…

LifeSum Vs MyFItnessPal

Hi everybody!
Today I'd love to talk about some tools that helped me counting calories while I was trying to loose weight with all the pros and cons (I'm talking about the base version, not the premium)!

Now... I don't like reading reviews on the appStore, mainly because sometimes those who write don't even know what they're talking about, so I've decided to explain everything in this post!

I've used both of the apps so I think that this could be a pretty useful review if you are a "normal" person (and for normal I mean someone that doesn't know that much about nutrition!) so... Let's get into the review!

It's the best, in my personal opinion, app for beginners! I find that at the beginning of a weight loss journey you shouldn't be counting macros (or, at least, not care about those alla that much!) and that's why I suggest this app! If you only want to count your calories intake and know how much water you drink during the …

Things to know before starting a weight-loss journey

Hi everybody!
Today I'm going to talk to you about what I learned during my weight-loss journey.
I've lost more than 30 pounds and the whole journey as not been the easiest!
I never thought that what everyone that had lost weight was actually true... And in this two-year-spam of time I realized how my mindset changed and that the things I used to focus at the beginning don't matter anymore.
Without rambling... This is what I learned during my journey!

  I. IT'S NOT ABOUT THE WEIGHT       Do you really wanna know how I loose all that weight?? MY SCALE BROKE! And no... 
I'm not kidding (my brother actually jumped on it and we were all to lazy to buy another 
       Because of that in almost two years I've never weighted myself, THANK GOD, and that 
       allowed me to focus on getting stronger and improving myself!

  II. IT'S A LEARNING PROCESS       Every body is different, what did work for me may not work for you, there will be trials   
and errors and …