Whole Wheat Waffles | The Lazy Chef Recipies

While I was trying to loose some weight I realized that it was not about eating less, but about "eating more of the right food"!

I bought (just because I've wanted one for a really long time) a waffle-iron and as soon as I started searching for recipies I realized that there weren't that many "healthi-ish" waffle recipies that included whole wheat flour (and while I was trying making my own recipie I realized why! It is so hard!) so I DECIDED TO MAKE MY OWN.

Here's the link

The fact of using whole wheat flour change the consistency of the waffles in general but I feel like it's inevitable since the flour is not super processed... I mean... You give and you have! I, for sure, give up on the consistency for a more wholesome "ingredient list"!

INGREDIENTS (makes 4 waffles):Whole Wheat Flour                                          100 gr Cornstarch                                                       10 gr
Baking Powder                        …

Mud Cake Chocolate and Coconut | The Lazy Chef Recipies

I'm so lazy... It's not even funny... And my goal in life is to work the least amount of time possible and make it look like I've worked on it for hours... And when I'm in the kitchen the goal is the same!

This recipie took me FIVE minutes to make and let me tell you that if you have some last minute guest over, you will not let them down!

I HAVE TO SAY that the coconut flour give everything a "not so smooth" texture to the dessert but I actually prefere it in that way! When I eat dessert like puddings I feel like I'm not that "satisfied", because it seems like I'm eating nothing! Please tell me I'm not the only one!

For the base I used a basic chocolate cake (I found the recipie in the internet) which for my liking came out a little bit too dry, but it turned out perfect for this kind of dessert!
You could be even lazier and buy a pre-made cake or bake a cake from the "box" but I'll suggest to use "real" whip…

Breakfast Cookies | #myweightlossjourney

As promised here's the recipie for the cookies! I was able to make 16 (decent sized!) cookies out of it. Those are tasty and healthier than your usual cookies, I've tried to swap out ingredients and I have to say that I was able to make it work! Usually, if I have those for breakfast I would eat 2 or 3, paired with an hot cup of coffee! Cause COFFEE IS LIFE

 (here's the link of the video)
Whole Wheat Flour                     100 grams
Oats                                               80 grams
Coconut Flour                        2 tablespoons
Cane Sugar                                   30 grams
Egg                                             1, medium
Butter, melted                               30 grams
Yoghurt                                         50 grams
Milk                                                   40 ml
Baking Powder                               7 grams
Salt                                                  a pinch

What I Eat In a Day to loose weight | VIDEO (italian)

Hi everybody!
Today I thought to share a video that represent what I usually eat when I'm "cutting"!

It's my first video so it's not of the best quality, but I promise I will improve!

Those are some simple recipies that are REALLY affordable so LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE SOME VIDEOS IN ENGLISH to let you understand better what I eat!!

Food Swaps for WeightLoss | MyWeightlossJourney

I've never been the person that followed a diet, I've never been into one and I will never be... WHY?
Because I find that restricting yourself, in any way, shape or form, is not the right thing to do!
Even if I try, I think I'd last for no more than a week!

I think that, instead, if you're trying to loose some weight, you should start with small changes that, slowly but surely, will change your whole lifestyle... Without you even realizing it!


You can train 2 to 3 hours a day... But if you eat crap... You'll feel like crap! (that's my honest opinion).

The texture, the taste, the filling-power that it has... It's hard to give up on bread!
But I've found some food that help me stop the "cravings" (which are not even cravings! They're more like a satiation feeling, which is why is h…

Diet tips & tricks | My weightloss journey

Hi everyone! Today I wanna share some tips that helped me lose weight. The most important thing, to me, when starting a weight-loss journey, is not to make huge changes from day to night and expect them to work! Starting small is definitely the way to go! I. Don't drink your calories I started this weightloss journey with the "I don't want to starve" idea in my mind and the best thing to do is not to drink calories! I'm talking about energy drinks, fuit juices but most and foremost added sugar. I'm not referring about the drinks you buy at the groceries (I mean... Also those!) but about the sugar you put on the coffee/tea... It's so easy to add some empty calories into your diet!

II. Less processed food Always with the "I don't want to starve" idea in mind I looked for food that have the proprieties to fill me up for a long period of time, without giving me sugar cravings and make me crave some other food. For this purpose, without even re…

HEALTHY BROWNIES | #MyWeightlossJourney

Hi everybody!
Today I wanna share a recipie with you that is so easy to make and SOOO delicius that is not even funny!

Now... I have to say that I'm trying to eat as low carb as possible, avoiding refined sugars and empty calories... But it's not easy!
While looking for keto friendly recipies I've came across this one (which I've later modify a little bit, to make it less expensive, if I have to be honest!) and although is not "low carb diet friendly" I find that it's still better than the classic brownies recipies that you find on the internet!

Those brownies use carrots for moisture and I have to say that I was skeptick about that but you don't even taste them at the end so... THAT'S EVEN BETTER!
The carrots and the dates make them SOOO FUDGY and incredible sweet, they are so decadent and chocolatey, it seems like there is a whole ton of chocolate in them, while there is only unsweetened cocoa!

Without further do, let's get into the recipie…