September 14, 2016

Behind YouTube | The Truth!

Hi everyone!

Today I'd love to share my thoughts with you about something that make me get angry all the time: sponsored videos...

As most of you know, beauty gurus earn money thanks to the viewers but that is not the only way to earn something, and I'm talking about SPONSORED videos...

Almost every youtuber, during his/her career, makes some sponsored videos, and that's totally fine!

But there are youtubers that have mostly sponsored videos on their channel and that's what I wanna talk about!

Beside the fact that in the information box, if the video is sponsored, you HAVE TO SAY IT, the viewer has to be really careful...

Everyone should make money in every and each way he can, don't get me wrong, but "too much of something" is never a good thing! Viewers start discussing your credibility and even if you are sweet and nice, people will start avoiding you and your videos, just because they don't trust you anymore!

If we are talking about nice products, that you love and use always, I'm glad that the company even pays you, I mean, who doesn't dream something like that???

But if you make tutorials whit products that don't work and you hide this fact by layering other products on top of the first ones, don't you feel guilty with yourself?? Girls who are just starting getting into makeup and into YouTube will spend money on something that is not good (and recently the items where high-end, so that's even worse!)...

I know this post is useless and I know that since last year the whole comment section of every video, of every major You-Tuber, has been plenty of hate and you cannot share your thoughts, even if you try not to be mean, that's why I made this post!

I hope not to generate hate, and I also hope to start a discussion about this topic, beside warning the young girls (and boys, obviously) to not get tricked!

I hope you've found this post interesting, and I REALLY love to know what you think about all this thing! I get angry every time cause of this and I hope I'm not the only one who feel like that!

If you are a newbie to the YouTube world and you are a beauty addicted, like me, I hope this post will help you not to buy makeup items that will not work and to not waste your money!

February 6, 2016

Stress Relief 101 | The Lazy Girl Guide

Every day something happen and I find that almost every little thing, at the end of the day, stresses me out! (please, tell me I'm not the only one!)
The consequences are that most of the time I cannot sleep well and when I wake up I'm even more tired and stressed out! But not only this! I've got headaches, constipation (sorry, TMI!) and I start eating junk food!
Since I'm trying to change my lifestyle (I mean, not radically, but eating healthier! Like not drinking Coke or everything related and not eating so much junk food!) I find some tricks that help me calm down and calm down my stress level!

One thing I have to tell you is that you have to learn doing those thing, just because I feel like, at least, for me, it was more like a journey (it took me about half a year to understand what to do!).

I mainly (ok, fully!) focus on my nightime routine, just because that is the time of the day that is actually more relaxing!
I find that, after a long day, when I come home I can really have some time for myself and I let the world out! I think only about myself and about enjoying that time!

So... With this being said, here you are my tips!

  1. Don't Think: thinking about things to do the day after (or what happened that day) is not good! I find that if I start thinking about what I have to do the next day I get really anxious! Don't think about work or school, just focus on yourself!
  2.  Have shower after you've eat: the "shower" topic is always discussed nowadays, lot of people love having shower in the morning but I actually think that having it before going to bed helps you relax and, actually, wash off all the stress you have on your body! I find that this a crucial step! Cause it helps me sleeping better because I don't feel dirty anymore and the warm water relaxes the muscles.
  3. Pajamas: comfy clothes are a must have!I think that no-one could be totally relaxed when wearing a pair of jeans! AM I RIGHT??? 
    I recently bought these pants from H&M and they are to die for! They are so soft and cozy! Perfect for the winter!

    Those are actually what I wear before going to bed in summer (and after having a shower)!
  4. Do something relaxing: I've found that, after having a shower, the best thing to do is relax! Without thinking about what I have to do the next day and what is happen during the day! Most of the time all of the thing I think about stress me out! Watch YouTube videos, read a book, watch TV... There are so many things you can do! 
All of those things will help you to relax your mind and body and not thinking about "bad" things when you go to bed! You will sleep better and the next morning you will understand how amazing this tips are! 

It's always good having some time to relax, especially if your life is busy! Having some times for yourself doesn't mean that you don't care about others or whatever, but means that you love yourself! 

Those were, basically, my tips! Hope you enjoyed the post and I'm curious to know if you have a nightime/relaxing routine! Let me know in the comments!
Until next time,


January 22, 2016

Match Perfection Concealer | Rimmel London

Hi everyone!

I MUST say I'VE FOUND THE PERFECT CONCEALER! And I'm really excited!!!
Now... No one seems to talk about this! And I hope it's only because there are a whole lot of concealers that "hide" this one (like the ones from Maybelline, Nars, MAC and all the other brands!).
I find that this is not sponsored (there are no advertisers that show the product in any way and usually it's hide in an unusual place in the Rimmel stand!) and maybe this is another reason because is not-so-famous (the only YouTuber that uses this is Rachel, from Rachloves!).

What Rimmel say:
Skin Tone adapting concealer.
Conceal signs of fatigue Highlight & Illuminate eye area.
Soft precision brush for the delicate under-eye area.

U.S. 5$
UK 6£


What I think:
I've found that the product itself it's amazing! It doesn't crease a whole lot (unlike other concealers I've tried! Luckily! And even the FitMe creases on me!) and it has a nice long-lasting power! I have to say that the colour selection is not so good, like many other drugstore brands!But I find that if you live in Europe and you have fair or really dark complexion the chances to find a product that match your skintone are not so much anyways (and Rimmel usually has the best colour selection, and also Revlon)!
The packaging is not so great, by the way... In fact the squeeze tube become all dirty if you don't pay attention when you close it and the residues that are on the brush transfer on the cap (which get soooo dirty!)! I figured out a way for using it without messing too much, you just have to squeeze out only a little bit of product at a time and if there is some concealer left on the applicator, just put the rest around your face!:) (or clean it on a towel, but I don't wanna waste product!)

That's the situation of the applicator after a few months from the opening... And trust me... This is not as bad as the first tube I bought!

Is not full coverage but since I don't like full coverage products I don't care so much (I prefer a medium coverage, just because I don't wanna look too fake)!

I use this to highlight my whole face (even thought it makes me a little bit oily, but I get oily anyway) and I use to conceal and highlight the under-eye area!

  • Nice coverage
  • Lightweght 
  • There are light shades
  • You find it, most of the time, discounted

  • There are not many dark shades
  • The packaging is not so great (squeeze tube with a brush, but even thought I hate this, it doesn't stop me from buying it!)

 So, I have to say that even thought there are some con's, I will continue to buy this concealer!

Have you tried this product?? What do you think about it??? Nobody seems to talk about this and I'm shocked, since this product is a ride or die, for me! Let me know in the comment section!:)

December 4, 2015

Sigma Brushes Dupes??!! | Jessup Brushes

Hi everyone!
Today I want to talk to you about one of the best investment of my whole life!
I've stumbled across this brand randomly, while browsing the net, and I saw few videos about those brushes, hearing that they where supposed to be dupes for Sigma brushes which, we have to be honest with ourselves, Sigma increased the prices of their brushes and now they're not so cheap (few years ago they were not so expensive! If you are in the "makeup world" for a while, like me, you'll remember) and even thought the quality is great (or, at least, that's what most beauty gurus say! I've, personally, never tried them!) not everyone has all of that money to spend on makeup brushes!
    Jessup 10Pcs Professional Make up Brushes Set Foundation Blusher Kabuki Powder Eyeshadow Blending Eyebrow Brushes Black/Silver
    This is the "Kabuki" set I'm talking about! And trust me... They're as good as it seem on the photo (even thought it's obvious that Photoshop is this image's best friend!!)

So... This brush set intrigued me a lot!
I don't have all that money to spend on brushes cause, you know, I have to eat! And, after a while of thinking about, I decided to risk and I've bought the set!

I was so surprised the first time I touched them! They were so soft that I thought "oh well... The first time I'm going to wash them they will be ruined!"...
I washed them the same day they arrived, cause since they arrived from China after a month (and the company put some products on them that make the insect go away and "save" the brush, which smell a little bit!) with hand-soap and water... And after they were still perfect!

After almost two months of testing (I didn't have a lot of time for writing post, thanks UNI!) I have to say that those brushes are just INSANE! The quality is great! They're soft and don't shed which, to me, those are the most important things!
They apply the product flawlessly, althought I have to say that tend to "eat" some of the product when I use liquid foundation, but since I apply it directly to my face I pass over this defect (which could be not a good thing if you apply the product on your brush first and then apply the product to your face! If you know what I mean!).
Even thought this is a kabuki set, I use it for almost everything! With the bigger ones I apply foundation, powder, bronzer and concealer; with the smaller ones concealer (on my eyelids), eye primer, eye-shadows, contouring (my nose) and highlight.
I must say that, at first, I didn't know what to do with all of these brushes, but as soon as I started using them... I understood that I didn't need to wash my (only) foundation brush once a week anymore... XD
Last thing about this topic... Which is the most important, to me... I bought the set on aliexpress and I made sure that I was buying it from the REAL SELLER! Sometimes, even thought the prices are low, some stores could sell fake products... So make sure it's the right one!

So... I can pretty much use only those brushes for doing my makeup!
I'm thinking about buying other set from them... But I actually don't need all of those brushes, and that's the thing that stops me from buying more! The only thing I can say is that they should be selling single brushes, apart from the already existent sets!

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed this post, comment below if you have tried this brushes (and if you like them) and if you have some questions the only thing you have to do is ask!:)

October 9, 2015

10 Things Italians are Tired of Hearing | #letsgetreal

This is another post of Italian-related things (here's the previous one!), that I'm tired of hearing! I watch a lot of videos on YouTube and when I hear some of those I actually get mad! Just because those are not true!

  • Pizza: there's no "New York" or "Chicago" pizza-debate in here... Pizza is pizza... Am I right??
    This is the Chicago-style pizza...

    ...And this is the real Italian pizza!
  • Italian language and accent: "God! I didn't know Italian was so similar to Spanish!"... Ehm... Of course! They are both "Romance languages"!! And no... Not all Italians have the accent that Americans usually try to imitate... Cause you know what?? Italy has a lot of different cultures and with those, a lot of different accents!
  • Nutella: not every food is been created by Americans... Nutella at first place... We are actually really proud of it!
  • Pasta with Meatballs: WHAT?? Never eat it! And I think I never will! (oh and even Maccheroni!)
  • Late Dinner: do you actually believe that we eat at 10 p.m.??? First thing first is not so healthy to go to bed when you've just eaten! Second thing... The reality is that we eat at 7 p.m. (some people at 8)... 
  • Religious People: I go to the church at Christmas and Easter... That's it! And most young adults do like so! We are not so religious as you may think! (our grandparents are, but that's because of the habits, mainly)
  • Picky about food: as people of the rest of the world, we're just used to our flavours! 
  • Cheese on pizza: the cheese on the pizza is not an undefined type of cheese... It's mozzarella!! (and sometimes Parmesan)
  • Big parties: actually I hate "big" parties with a lot of food... And I think that I'm not the only Italian person who hate the opulence of big parties (like the ones that you see on TV, like Buddy's ones!)
    If I have to tell you the truth, I've spoke with REAL Italians that were on vacation in New York and they went to Buddy's "shop"... They told me that it was expensive as hell! And what they've eaten tasted nothing like the REAL version!
  • Pasta: we don't eat only pasta! I actually don't like so much! Is it a pretty "fast" dish to make?? Yes! Most Italians return home for having lunch (if they work/study) near home and that is the fastest dish you can make if you want something warm to eat!! So... Sometimes we just eat it for practical reasons!
    Those are the "tipical" plates of every region... The names are not right (some of them)... But you also can see that Italians don't eat only pasta! Oh and you can even see that with all of those regions the  accents definitely change! (the one you are used to hear is from the south!)
  • (Bonus! AgainXD) Curiosity: we are not so curios as you may have heard... I mean... The rest of the world does always not care about others and doesn't give a f**k about other people?? I actually don't think so!  (but personally I make my own life and I don't like to search for gossip! It's not my attitude!)

I'd love to know if you've enjoyed this post! And if you want to read more about this things!:)
That's it for now! Let me know in the comments what you think about it!
Until next time,