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10 Things Italians are Tired of Hearing | #letsgetreal

This is another post of Italian-related things (here's the previous one!), that I'm tired of hearing! I watch a lot of videos on YouTube and when I hear some of those I actually get mad! Just because those are not true!

Pizza: there's no "New York" or "Chicago" pizza-debate in here... Pizza is pizza... Am I right??
Italian language and accent: "God! I didn't know Italian was so similar to Spanish!"... Ehm... Of course! They are both "Romance languages"!! And no... Not all Italians have the accent that Americans usually try to imitate... Cause you know what?? Italy has a lot of different cultures and with those, a lot of different accents! Nutella: not every food is been created by Americans... Nutella at first place... We are actually really proud of it! Pasta with Meatballs: WHAT?? Never eat it! And I think I never will! (oh and even Maccheroni!) Late Dinner: do you actually believe that we eat at 10 p.m.??? First thing firs…

10 Things That Italians Will Never Understand | #letsgetreal

Hello everyone!
Are you someone who watches videos on Youtube but, since you are not American there are some things that you think you'll never understand??? Here you are the perfect post for you!

I think that most of these things could be related to all Europeans, but since I'm Italian, I've thought this title would have been more real like that!
Let me know in the comments if I missed some things! Cause I've had so much fun writing this post (and I'm actually so proud of it!)!
I'm thinking, also, to do some other posts like this! Let me know if you enjoyed it!

"Pumpkin-Spiced" food: Pumpkin Spiced latte, pumpkin spice candy, pumpkin spice creamer... What is that??? We don't even know what the flavour of pumpkin spice is!

Fast Foods: oh there's a McDonald in the nearby... And also Burger King!... But... Like... You have to drive for 20 minutes to get there! Oh wait... There are others type of fast food in the world??? Let's be real..…