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40 Beauty Questions TAG (part 1, Skincare)

Today I have for you the first part of a TAG, which I decided to divide in three because I think it was too long if written in a single post... I also wanna tell you that some products may be harsh for your skin (like the cleanser and the toner) and I use them because I'm searching to clear my skin from imperfections and blackheads (they contains salicylic acid). I also have sensitive skin in fact when I use different products I break out, but my skin reacts well to this products so I've never had problems.
How many times do you wash your face daily? Twice! In the morning ad at night! What skin type do you have (dry,oily,combo)? I've combo skin, oily in the T-Zone but in the rest of the face sometimes I get dry patches (and sometimes it gets oily too! I don't know why)What is your current facial wash? Actually I'm using the "Anti Blackheads Deep Pore Wash" from Garnier (of the "Pro-Active" line) and I have to admit that this cleanser rea…

Favorite songs - Deep House

Hello everyone!
Hope you've had a great weekend! Yesterday I was thinking about music and I realize that lately I'm not enjoying commercial/pop music while an year ago I listened only that type of music. Maybe because  they seem, to me, all the same, but I don't really know! Just I don't like listening them anymore!
What I really enjoy is Deep House music! I know it's a little bit weird... But... Hey!...  And I don't even like House music... I don't know why!
I love the sound of sax... That's why I love these songs! Even because those haven't got the "headache rhythm" of the "classic" house music! 
So... Without other words... Here you are my favorite songs!

Anyama, Naxxos
I'm thinking about doing a post about the lyrics of this song cause they fully reflects my thoughts!

New Orleans, Naxxos

Only God Can Save Our Souls, Klingande
 I love all Klingande's songs (even Jubel and Punga) but I don't write them because everyon…

Healthy life... Happy life!

Hope your weekend has started well so far! Today i wanna talk you about a topic that everyone talks about: the diet.
This is a very discussed topic and everyday there are some new diets.
I wanna clarify with you my idea: I think that the extreme diets don't have any sense! (Before thinking "hey you don't know nothing about it" I wanna tell you that I'm only sharing my thoughts about it, I don't wanna offend anyone... After that... I can continue writing my post... I think!... Can I? Thank you... I'm rambling... Sorry!!) 
As I told already I don't believe in extreme diets, I think that if at first they seem to work, but after a period the person that is dieting could start to feel the "downsides" of that! Maybe he start craving some foods that he cannot eat or maybe his body start to respond to the diet (in a bad way)!
Your diet has to make you feel good! Healthy foods make you feel like so!
I'm not fit at all but I feel good with…

Lip products addict TAG

Hello folks!
Today I've a makeup-related post for you! I decided to do the lip products addict TAG 'cause I'm obsessed with them! When I feel bad and insecure of myself I put on lipstick and the whole world looks better! I'm a little bit weird sometimes! I'm really into pink lips (even light and dark ones, it doesn't matter!) even because it's so easy change your look with a lipstick! You wanna look girly? Go for a lighter shade! You wanna be sexy? Dark lips is what you are looking for!
Before I start rambling... Let's get into it!
Favorite balm/treatment? My favorite balm, actually, is the Baby Lips, the "Cherry me" one. The treatment I love is the "scrub" with the toothbrush, after I wash my teeth I scrub my lips (not a lot because my lips will get even more dry!) and then I apply my balm.
Maybelline BabyLips in "Cherry Me"  Best eye-catching red? I actually don't have any red lipstick! But I love mixing products so...…

Favorite youtubers! (Beauty Channels)

Hello guys!
This post will talk about my favorite beauty channels of youtube.
I started watching youtube videos an years ago only because I had nothing to do, but now I really have fun watching them and the time I spend watching some videos has become a part of my routine!
So here you are my favorite beauty channels:
1. Teni Panosian: I love her makeup tutorials! They are natural and she doesn't do the extreme highlight and countouring that all the others beauty youtubers do (if you know what i mean) wich I don't like at all because it make you look washed out!
2. Jaclyn Hill: She's a professional makeup artist and the thing I love about her videos is the fact that she uses a lot of warm tones eyeshadow, that I prefer because of my eyecolour (wich change always! Sometimes my eyes are blue, sometimes gray and sometimes green! ). The only thing wich I don't really like is the fact that she uses a lot of high end products (mainly M.A.C.) wich I cannot buy because are too…

50 facts about me!

Hello everyone!
Hope you've had a great weekend!
Today I decided to post the "50 facts about me TAG". It's a little bit long but if you like to know something more about me... Continue reading! Here you are the facts:
 I've got two brothers younger than me (my sister is 15 and my brother's 11)I had a goldfish named Elton John who lived for 4 years!My mum was an hairdresser and I never payed for an haircut in my life (but sometimes she does what she wants and it's not a good thing!) I played tennis for a year, soccer for four, I did artistic gymnastic for 3 and a lot of swimming courses but I never reached my goal (to get fit)!I love winterI cannot stand hot weatherI'm obsessed with the color aqua. OBSESSED!!!When I love a song I listen to it till I get sick!I cannot touch cheese (the one that I don't like) cause it makes me sickI don't smoke, I've never done and I never willI used to be obsessed with Duncan James (the one from the boyband &…


Happy Sunday everyone!
Yesterday I came into a blog post  and I decided to share my thought wit you about a video that reached 37 millions views in a really short amount of time!
This is the video (maybe some of you already saw it):
It made me cry, because it represent the truth!
I want to share my thought with you because this is related to what I lived during puberty. A lot of people during those years told me that I was "a man" and I started believing them! During my puberty, in fact, I started doubting of myself and that brought me to hate who I really was!  This is what the director wants to communicate to everybody. When a girl grow up, the sentence "like a girl" become like an insult and she accept it like so! No-one wants to be called "girl" even in the teen-age and this is because that makes the self-confidence"disappear".  What made me think is what the girls (like Dakota) did when Lauren said "like a girl". During childhood…

Favorite youtubers! (Lifestyle Edition)

Last Wednesday I published my favorite beauty channels and today I'll tell you what channels I'm subscribed that are not beauty related and that I enjoy watching.
1. SacconeJoly: it's amazing see how their children grow up day by day and they're so funny! They publish a vlog every day at 6 pm GMT.

*Credits: SacconeJolys

2. Anna Saccone: this is the "personal" channel of Anna (SacconeJoly) and in here she talk about lifestyle topics (food, "Ask Anna", children and even beauty).

*Credits: Anna saccone

3. Kandee Johnson: she's so inspiring! I created this blog after I've watched one of her videos! She makes you feel blessed, loved and special and there's nothing better than feel like this!

*Credits: Kandee Johnson

4. Grav3yardgirl: she (Bunny, it's her name) is so funny! what I love about this girl is the fact that she's "real" in her videos and she doesn't care about other peoples bad comments! She has a "…

You can be great!

"Everybody can be great... Because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love"
Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope this week has started well so far! Yesterday I came across this quote and I decided to share my thoughts with you.
As the time goes by I see always more frequently how much people become more selfish.
The old woman that can't reach the highest shelf at the market, the kid that has lost his toy, the pregnant women that has to sit on the bus/train but there are no seats... All those people need help but sometimes I see that no one help them. 
As MLK said love, sometimes, is what inspire us, and it's the only thing we need.
This world goes everyday faster and people's life run so! People, in search of a good job, is mean and doesn't think about others!
What we have to think abou…

My three essentials!

Hello everyone!
What if I'd be in a desert island and I had to bring with me only three products?
I decided to write a post about three of my favorite makeup products, the ones that I cannot live without. What I love about this products is the fact that they are multi-use. This is something I love about makeup products: what has been made for the lips could be used for the cheeks also!
So... Here you are my three favorite products!
Maybelline "Eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner" in  Brown (952)This eyeliner is incredible! If you don't like the glossy finish of liquid liners and you prefer matte one gel eyeliner is what you need! I love matte finish for eyes and lips and this brown eyeliner is the best! It doesn't came off easily (I use olive oil as makeup-remover when I wear it) but you can wear it with not having the problems of smudging eyeliner! I use it like eyeliner, obviously, but even also as cream shadow (like a base or alone) and for fill in my eyeb…

TMI TAG! (Blog edition!)

Hello folks!!!
Today I decided to do the TMI tag (since every youtuber did this) and I'll do the blog edition!
This tag consists in 50 questions (that are a lot)... So... Let's go!
1. What are you wearing?
    A pair of jeans and my favorite t-shirt (which is white and over-sized, by H&M)!
2. Ever been in love?
    Yes, even now! I'm with my boyfriend for more than 2 years now!
3. Ever had a terrible breakup?
    Nope, and I hope I'll never have one.
4. How tall are you?
    I'm 5.2! I'm small... I know!
5. How much do you weigh?
    ............. Even my boyfriend doesn't know my weight! This is too personal:) sorry!
6. Any tattoos?
    No. But I would like to have one (small and in a "strategical place" like in my finger).
7. Any piercings?
   Nope, even my ears aren't pierced!
8. OTP?
    I'm not a huge fan of movie stars and everything related! So I'll say... Lisa Simpson and Milhouse!:) (????....... Yep!!!)
9. Favorite show?

What I think about makeup

Hi guys!
What I think about makeup? I'll explain in today's post!
Makeup could be the best friend of a woman but, when she wears a lot of it, it could also be her worst enemy.
I don't like wearing too much makeup, mainly because of my skin (I've got a lot of blackheads and larger pores in my T-zone so, if I wear a lot of it, it gets very cakey and heavy) but even also because I like the "natural" finish.
I love watching youtube videos (like videos of Camila Coelho, Nicole Guerriero or Carly Bybel) that talk about makeup but I cannot stop thinking about how all that makeup would look like in the "real" life. Don't get me wrong! I love learning something new about makeup everyday and watching tutorials and getting inspirated by those but I have to think about the cons of all that makeup that is on their faces (and maybe on mine)!
I don't think in a daily bases all that makeup would be practical and after a few hours I'd get surely crazy by…

Makeup & Me -The relationship!

Hello everyone!
Today I wanna talk you about the story of one of my passions: makeup ( way!!....)
Well, my relationship with makeup didn't start so well. I started wearing makeup at 14 years old, and the only thing I used was bronzer! I don't know why but I used it like it was a foundation (umpa-lumpa style!) and... oh my god!... If only I could go back in time!:)
Sooo! After a couple of years of this nightmare... I started to wear real make up (foundation and powder)! I started because, as normal when you're a teen, my skin started breaking out like crazy and my goal was to cover up the imperfections. The lasts 3 years of high school (when I change school) I decided not to wear "all that makeup", mainly because I wanted to let my skin breathe and, maybe, resolve my problem with imperfections. I started, so, wear only mascara and a little bit of powder (I have oily skin and I didn't want to look like a disco ball!) and, during the last year of school …


Good Monday everyone!
I hope you've had a great weekend!
The last word of my blogs name is "laugh"; when you think about it you may think about "having fun", but for me the meaning is different.
When someone insult you, the best thing you can do is laugh! Who stands in front of you (insulting you too) doesn't expect that you laugh! Nobody's perfect, even him/her! Nobody should insult you, even if he's/she's a good friend and knows you very well.We are all similar, in the positives and even in the negatives aspects so, if you have some defects, he'll has some too (definitely! And the first is rudeness!).
When you are watching yourself at the mirror look at the beautiful aspects of your body, then the negatives, then watch your whole body... Aren't you beautiful? I know that feeling, when you look yourself at the mirror and you start crying because you think you're ugly... Well, if "someone" made you like you are, there is a …


Today I'm going to explain the word "love".
During the whole life you'll meet a lot of people but it's doesn't mean that everyone has to be part of you life "till the end". Someone could have a thousand friends, someone could have only three, it doesn't matter! You have (and sometimes you need) to be surround by people who loves you, no matter what your defects are or if you do something wrong, friends are always friend and they should love you anyway. As they loves you, you also should. Obviously with bestfriend you'll have a different relationships than with "normal" friends but... This is the life!
There is someone that is more important than your friend: YOURSELF!
You can't accept to be loved by someone if you don't love yourself first! During my teen-age I didn't have so much friends and I could not make friends without thinking about my body (that I think it was horrible) or my features, but as I got &quo…


The first word is the most important of all the three, it contains a lot of meanings that I'm going to explain you.
Living happily with yourself and other people isn't so easy (especially with yourself!) mainly because of the features of other people. Those are some of the ideals in what i believe, that make my life "easy" and that, at the end of the day, if my day has been not so good, make me proud of myself . So... Here they are:
Always respect everyone and everything: even if people doesn't respect you, you have to respect them. If you have nothing good to say, don't say nothing! I know this is a sentence that everyone say but it's the truth! If you respect them they don't have reasons for insult you or disrespect you!Learn to give, not to receive: receive is always a beautiful  thing but when you see persons with the "light" in their eyes, that are so grateful for your help, this is the most emotional thing ever! You become proud of your…

Get to know me!

Hi guys!
My name is Federica and I was born in April 10, 1994.
My parents always gave me everything that i needed (and for that I'm so thankful to them!) and my childhood has been happy and joyful!
When I start to grow up, my body started to change, obviously, and even if I the people behind me continued to love me, I started watching myself as someone that wouldn't ever be good and successful.
I started hating my body (even if I tried to get fit I won't!), my personality (when I was an adolescent everything made me angry, even the most stupid things!) and my life has started not to be so good.
When I started high school, I started also playing soccer and, because of this, my classmates started to insult me calling me "lesbian" or "man". That's why I hated that school (also even if I met awesome people! But when someone insult you, the easiest thing to do is to think about the negative aspect, not the positive one)!
After three years of sadness, wh…