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Back to School 101 | #thelazygirlguide

Hi everyone!
Since it's back to school season (sadly) I've thought it would be nice if I share with you some tips that helped me graduating from high-school! For a lot of persons those years could be really hard, but if you take it with the right spirit the time will fly and you'll suddenly miss the high-school days (like I do! Trust me! If you have the right friends and the right classmates, you will have a lot of fun, even during tests!). If you have some insecurities when talking about studying, this is the article for you! Hope you enjoy!

Take your time and don't be afraid: new subjects, new arguments, school means learning, and we all know that! The most important thing is to understand that everyone is different and everyone learn things in different ways and in different time. If you don't understand something immediately, don't panic! Relax and take your time! Even if that means studying a little more than usual! Don't care about others: as I alrea…