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Cakey Foundation?? No Thanks!

Happy MakeupFriday folks!
Today I  decided to write about: FOUNDATION!
I know it might seems stupid, but every time I go somewhere i see girl with cakey foundation, who makes them look older and not so good looking!
I have to admit that, lately, I've been obsessed with skincare and makeup-bases, cause I've understand that those two "things" are the most important steps if you want a good-looking makeup! 
So... I wanna tell you my "secrets" for obtaining a nice base, without looking like mummies!
Without further do... Let's get into it!
MOISTURIZE YOUR FACE: I think I'll never stop saying it! There's no way you can obtain a good looking base without moisturizer! What is more important that moisturize your face? Your under-eye area (and even your eyelid)! If you skip this step... Your concealer will crease no matter what and if you also have dry eyelids your eye makeup will look like crap! WAIT FOR THE MOISTURIZE TO DRY:Wait for almost 15/20 minu…

Live Your Life!

Happy InspirationalMonday everyone! (and if it's not Monday... I hope this post inspired you too!)
Today I wanna talk you about choices! But in a different way!

Let me explain... I don't wanna tell you what is right or what is wrong! Because who am I for decide for you?? (sometimes I can't even make choices for myself! Like... Ice cream or cake?? Hahaha! I'm joking! Let's get serious!)
I just wanna tell you that you HAVE to choose without listening to people near you!Who could have not a good influence on you! Don't get me wrong! You have to listen who loves you! They will surely help!
But... One person you have o listen surely... Yourself... YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! 
Nobody could make your choices beside yourself! You are what you lived in the past! You know what is most important for you!
I know that sometimes it's hard... Cause you think you don't believe in yourself, convincing yourself that your choices will be always wrong... BUT IT'S…

Essential Brushes!

Hello guys!
Today I wanna talk to you about... BRUSHES! It's a stupid topics, you may think, but I think is one of the most important!

I recently discover that, even if you have the most beautiful  makeup products, that allows you to have a smooth, flawless finish, you (almost!) need some good tools!

Every makeup brand has his own line of brushes now and they're not so hard to find/buy them anymore!
But! If you're not sure if the quality of them is nice... Do not buy them! You can always find really cheap brushes that have an amazing quality! Like the "Essence" ones!

Now... I tell you what my go-to brushes are!
FOUNDATION BRUSH: I'm not talking about the "cat's tongue" foundation brush! But about a buffing brush! Which could be a kabuki or whatever you want! Make sure it has really dense bristles! It will give you a nice coverage without absorbing too much product! POWDER BRUSH: this is a multi-task brush! You can use it for setting your makeup,…

ONE of Those Days!

Today I wanna talk to you about that period (not THAT period!) when, if everything is right and you have no reason to be sad... But you are!

Everyone seems happy and you are really sad and alone (or, at least, you feel like so!).
I just wanna tell you, even if you're scared, that those feelings are normal! You are not crazy or depressed!
Even if it seems stupid... Everyone lives moments like that!... You only have to let you go... Cry, shout, do whatever makes you feel good!
In a pair of day everything will be normal again and you will be happy! Or... At least... Less sad that how you were before!
I think it's normal having those day. I experienced that they are worse if I don't sleep well (or I sleep less that I should!), if I don't workout (which is good for your body and for your mind) and if I stay a lot of time in front of a computer/phone/tv!
What makes me feel better is, definitely, eating healthy (but you know... Sometimes we NEED chocolate!), working …

Makeup Tips & Tricks!

Hello everyone!
Hope everything is fine! This week I was not so present and I'm really sorry! But... You know those day where you don't even have time to turn on your computer?? My week was full!

But today I have a makeup post for you!
Sometimes the problem of your skin/eyelids can compromise the effects of the makeup items we are  using... Or sometimes we buy the wrong piece of makeup (maybe this?)!
I wanna help you to solve those type of problems! At least... The bigger ones!
Here you are 5 tips that saved my life in the past!
Extremely Oily Skin?? Any foundation seems not working?? Try mattyfing your face with a powder before and after you put your foundation on! Any powder will work! Just use what you have at home! I use the Stay matte powder by Rimmel London (in the shade "transparent")! Or maybeTry with a primer! But they are more expensive that the technique I told you before! And if you're a person who doesn't like an heavy base maybe this is not the…

Love Unconditionally!

Hello everyone!
Today I wanna talk about people that you love! Cause they are one of the most important thing in life!
Everytime you see a friend, or a person you love, you have to show them your love!
Sometimes love is what makes us continue living! And what makes our relationships going on! There's nothing better than feeling loved by someone and... Most of the time... People near you, even when you don't need it, make yourself feel loved too and... It's something amazing!...
But you know what?
There's something that stop us from sharing love! And it's one of that questions: "do they make me feel loved?"
And... If the question is NO we stop show them how much we love them too!
What you have to do is don't think about that! You have to love unconditionally! People with a big heart will ALWAYS be appreciate sooner or later!
So... Don't be afraid and don't look other people before doing thing! Just DO THEM!

This is what I wanna tell you today!…

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte lipstick | Review

Today I decided to publish a review about my go-to lipstick of the fall!
I'm talking about (you already know!) the line of lipsticks that Kate Moss, in collaboration with Rimmel, created!

What Rimmel sais:
Be Iconic - Make the Ordinary Extraordinary Sumptuously Rich Matte Colour with a sublime comfort. Ruby Powder enriched formula. Intense velvet colour all day!

US $5.50
UK £5.50
EUR €5/8

What I think about:
Actually I've got only a lipstick of this range! But only because I cannot find the one I would really love to buy! Which is the number 107!
I've got the shade number 104! Which is the perfect "my lips but better" color! I think it's perfect for the actual trend (the Kylie Jenner lips!) mainly because it's not too brown and not too pink (it's a mauve color)! So... I think it's perfect for every skin-tone!
It applies really smoothly on the lips and it has a nice floraly scent (but even fruity! Why I cannot decribe scents?? I…

Strong Personality!

I hope everything is fine! Today, for InspirationalMonday, I decided to write about something that I lived directly in the past!
I've always had a "strong personality" that allowed me to go through bad periods without being destroyed by what happened but, I have to say, it was never so easy!
What, in life, people appreciate the most, is your personality! Even thought I was a strong person, when I lived a really bad period people who knew who I really was supported me till the end!
Having a strong personality is not a bad thing at all! Is one of the keys that could bring you to succeed!

So... Never change yourself! Appreciate every part of you! Mostly your personality! Because that is what really makes us great and different from all the people "in the crowd"!!

I hope this post will make your day improve!

XOXO, Fede:)