10 Things Italians are Tired of Hearing | #letsgetreal

This is another post of Italian-related things (here's the previous one!), that I'm tired of hearing! I watch a lot of videos on YouTube and when I hear some of those I actually get mad! Just because those are not true!

  • Pizza: there's no "New York" or "Chicago" pizza-debate in here... Pizza is pizza... Am I right??
    This is the Chicago-style pizza...

    ...And this is the real Italian pizza!
  • Italian language and accent: "God! I didn't know Italian was so similar to Spanish!"... Ehm... Of course! They are both "Romance languages"!! And no... Not all Italians have the accent that Americans usually try to imitate... Cause you know what?? Italy has a lot of different cultures and with those, a lot of different accents!
  • Nutella: not every food is been created by Americans... Nutella at first place... We are actually really proud of it!
  • Pasta with Meatballs: WHAT?? Never eat it! And I think I never will! (oh and even Maccheroni!)
  • Late Dinner: do you actually believe that we eat at 10 p.m.??? First thing first is not so healthy to go to bed when you've just eaten! Second thing... The reality is that we eat at 7 p.m. (some people at 8)... 
  • Religious People: I go to the church at Christmas and Easter... That's it! And most young adults do like so! We are not so religious as you may think! (our grandparents are, but that's because of the habits, mainly)
  • Picky about food: as people of the rest of the world, we're just used to our flavours! 
  • Cheese on pizza: the cheese on the pizza is not an undefined type of cheese... It's mozzarella!! (and sometimes Parmesan)
  • Big parties: actually I hate "big" parties with a lot of food... And I think that I'm not the only Italian person who hate the opulence of big parties (like the ones that you see on TV, like Buddy's ones!)
    If I have to tell you the truth, I've spoke with REAL Italians that were on vacation in New York and they went to Buddy's "shop"... They told me that it was expensive as hell! And what they've eaten tasted nothing like the REAL version!
  • Pasta: we don't eat only pasta! I actually don't like so much! Is it a pretty "fast" dish to make?? Yes! Most Italians return home for having lunch (if they work/study) near home and that is the fastest dish you can make if you want something warm to eat!! So... Sometimes we just eat it for practical reasons!
    Those are the "tipical" plates of every region... The names are not right (some of them)... But you also can see that Italians don't eat only pasta! Oh and you can even see that with all of those regions the  accents definitely change! (the one you are used to hear is from the south!)
  • (Bonus! AgainXD) Curiosity: we are not so curios as you may have heard... I mean... The rest of the world does always not care about others and doesn't give a f**k about other people?? I actually don't think so!  (but personally I make my own life and I don't like to search for gossip! It's not my attitude!)

I'd love to know if you've enjoyed this post! And if you want to read more about this things!:)
That's it for now! Let me know in the comments what you think about it!
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