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Since I've never done a "favorites" post in almost an year, I thought that it was the right time to do one! I must have to say that I do't buy a lot of products, not because I don't like makeup (duh!) but because I have to spend my money on more important things! So... If you're on a budget and you're searching some good drugstore products... This post is made for you! I hope you enjoy it!

  •    NYC Big Bold Bronzing Powder (602, MetropoliTan): This bronzer is just amazing! It's really blendable and it stays on all day long! The number 601(which I'm planning to buy!) seemed more orange and that's why I choose the darker shade! I must say that this one has a red undertone but it'sa nice contouring shade! Since it's not too light you don't have to put on a ton of it! Just build it slowly! BTW... I'm still loving my bronzer in "Sunny"!

  • Essence All About Matt compact powder : this is the only powder that set my concealer and don't make it crease! I use it only in the under-eye area, cause on the rest of the face I use the Rimmel Stay Matte powder! 
  • Essence Long-Lasting lipstick (13, Love Me): It's a MUST HAVE if you love natural lipsticks! It's a nice pink, almost mlbb type of color! It gives you a natural flush without being like "boom! In your face!" I think I just found the perfect lipstick! Here's the review!
  • L'Oreal Infallible Foundation: I'm sure you heard a lot of things about this foundation! And I'm not going to write a lot (at least, in this post! If you'd like to read a review just let me know!) about it! The only thing I can say is that THIS IS AMAZING if you have combination/oily skin!
  •  Rimmel Match Perfection concealer: I've heard no-one talk about this, actually! And I don't understandd why! This product is simply AMAZING! It doesn't crease on the under-eye area and I have to admitt that this is better than the "Dark-Circle Eraser" from Maybelline! If you have problems on finding the perfect concealer, just TRY THIS!

    I hope you liked this post! I'm planning on doing a review on those product (if I don't have already done!)... Let me know if you have some request! And what you think about the products, if you've tried them! 

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