Light-Sweatproof Makeup!

Hi everyone!
Summer means FRIENDS, FUN, SUN... But also SWEAT, HOT AND SUNBURNS! I know, I know... You may see that I don't love summer too much... And IT'S TRUE! I am not a summer person, I LOVE COLD!
I cannot stand the hot weather and that means that as soon as the climate gets hotter the way I see makeup it's totally different than how it was before!
I cannot stand foundations no more and I love lightweight products (and maybe those are products that during the cold months I hate!) and if a product is just a little "heavy" I start hating it!

So... All of this means that I have to change my makeup routine! The less product I use, more I'm happy! And actually... During summer I don't care about people thoughts about my under-eye circles or imperfection!

The first thing I do is to not use my foundation! When it's hot outside this is the first thing that disappear on my face! And why do I have to waste foundation??  It also make me nervous when I wear it! Cause it feels like a "film" on my face and it seems like it clog more my pores!
This is the foundation I wear during warmer months! It actually stays on pretty well and it controls the oil on your face!
When I have to wear it I use to mix it with a moisturizer, and it makes it more lightweight (I don't like full coverage foundation anyway, so I don't care if I lost some of the coverage)!

Concealer, then, become my best friend! I put in the places where I need coverage (usually on my under-eye area) and it makes me feel good with myself without dealing with the heavy foundation-feeling!
This concealer is just AMAZING!

I usually powder after this step, cause with the hot weather the concealer will crease no matter what!
Concealer also prime my eyebrows and allows me to fill them with powder without adding more product (like eye-shadow primer).
The last two steps are bronzer and mascara. I think that mascara is my best friend (am I weird??? Please... Tell me not!) and I don't have a lot of problems with normal mascaras (that are not waterproof) but if you have watery eyes or you tend to sweat a lot, go for the waterproof version of your favorite mascara!
For bronzing my face I use the classic "3 motion" with a large brush(not contouring, cause during summer I look for the bronzed look!).
This is the multi-task brush from Real Techniques and it's the one I use for bronzing!

NYC Big Bold Bronzer in "MetropoliTan"

I use the NYC Bronzer in "Sunny" for the days when I'm paler and, if I'm not so pale, as a blush!

So... This is what I do on my everyday bases during summer! Tell me what you use during the warmer months! And let me know if you're like me and you hate hot weather! I feel like I'm the only one! Let me know if you enjoyed this post!

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