Things to know before starting a weight-loss journey

Hi everybody!
Today I'm going to talk to you about what I learned during my weight-loss journey.
I've lost more than 30 pounds and the whole journey as not been the easiest!
I never thought that what everyone that had lost weight was actually true... And in this two-year-spam of time I realized how my mindset changed and that the things I used to focus at the beginning don't matter anymore.
Without rambling... This is what I learned during my journey!


       Do you really wanna know how I loose all that weight?? MY SCALE BROKE! And no... 
       I'm not kidding (my brother actually jumped on it and we were all to lazy to buy another 
       Because of that in almost two years I've never weighted myself, THANK GOD, and that 
       allowed me to focus on getting stronger and improving myself! 


       Every body is different, what did work for me may not work for you, there will be trials   
       and errors and there will be times where you'll feel like you're only wasting time but 
       you're not!
       There are a lot of workout routines and type of diets (even thought I don't like calling 
       those in that way... I just call it "way of eating"... just because you shouldn't restrict 
       yourself!) but as soon as you start you'll understand what works for you and what not!


       There are lots of ways that allows you to loose weight and as you may know our bodies
       are always changing, we grow and we may not respond to the same routine in the 
       same way we were a month before so don't be afraid to change!


       Are you doing your best?! THAN RESULTS WILL COME, TRUST ME!
       Sometimes (always... Actually!) we do not see the results as they are... We are used to
       see ourselves in the mirror every day and we may not realize how much we've changed
       because of that!


       Don't see this journey as something temporary, see that as your new lifestyle! It may 
       seem hard at the the beginning but you just have to think that you are starting a "new 
       chapter" of your life and sooner than you may think your lifestyle will be totally different 
       than it was before and you'll thank yourself!  

I know that what I wrote may seem obvious and it sound like the samething everyone says... But I want to be honest with you, there's a reason why those things are in everyone's mouth!
You'll understand it along the path, it will not be about your weight anymore, it will be about your health because YOU ARE BUILDING THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!

I'm planning about writing some more posts about my weight-loss journey, about dieting and working-out (since nowadays this is my main focus!) so let me know what you think about it!
If you have some other tips, share them in the comments, I'd love to hear some more of them!

I hope you have a great day!

XOXO, Federica

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