Student?? Save Money!!

Hi everyone!
As a student I always stare at my empty wallet when I need something, asking myself:" why did you, stupid girl, waist your money for something that you didn't really need??".

And, tired of that situation, I decided to save my money, and I decided also to share my tips with you!
  1. Make your own meals: it seems stupid but even a dollar or two (or whatever you spend for eating at school/everywhere you eat) makes the difference! In a whole year you'll save a lot of money! Bring a chicken salad or a sandwich with everything you want in it and you and your wallet will be happy (let me know if you want some of the recipes I make!)
  2. Bring your snacks: at supermarket/shop there are a lot of offers and sometime (almost always!) snacks cost a lot less than buy them in the snack-machines at school! The prices of those almost double when they are in those machines!
  3. Buy the less expensive stationery: have a nice pen, with green and  blue polka-dots makes you happy, but having one that cost three times better makes you even happier (I mean... A pen is just a pen!)! Cause you save money for buying something better! NO??
  4. Look for sales: makeup, clothes, shoes and whatever you want! During sales you can find a lot of bargains! And if the thing you want is not on sale, choose the shop where it costs less! And maybe look on online stores! But be careful! Sometimes the thing they sell is not original so... Trust only on safe websites!

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