Happy Sunday everyone!
Yesterday I came into a blog post  and I decided to share my thought wit you about a video that reached 37 millions views in a really short amount of time!
This is the video (maybe some of you already saw it):
It made me cry, because it represent the truth!

I want to share my thought with you because this is related to what I lived during puberty. A lot of people during those years told me that I was "a man" and I started believing them! During my puberty, in fact, I started doubting of myself and that brought me to hate who I really was! 
This is what the director wants to communicate to everybody.
When a girl grow up, the sentence "like a girl" become like an insult and she accept it like so!
No-one wants to be called "girl" even in the teen-age and this is because that makes the self-confidence"disappear". 
What made me think is what the girls (like Dakota) did when Lauren said "like a girl". During childhood girls and boys see themselves equally. 
Sometimes we forgot how strong we could be if we want it! And little girls know it! We only need to remember ourselves this!
Doing something "like a girl" means doing it with a power that only women have! We are strong and, even if someone or something bring us down, we are ready to get up, with a smile that sometimes hides the tears, but that keeps us going on and reach the goal!
Here you are, lastly,  the opinion of the director of this video (Lauren Greenfield):


This topic really makes me think and I hope you too! Please, let me know what you think about it! I would really appreciate it! And follow me if you want!
                                            Bye, Fede:)

Disclaimer: In that blog post I only watched the video and I didn't read what the blogger said about it, everything I've written come from mine.


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