Accept What It Is!

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to motivate yourself with a quote that, even if it seems stupid, it's really the best!
As you may, or not, know (and if not, read "My History" post) I've done a lot of mistakes! But! The worst thing I've done in my life was beeing afraid of what future wuold bring to me!
Actually... I'm really scared about changes!... But you know what?...
Sometimes you have just to delete your past! Let it go! Because, if not, it will stop you from making big things! Because bad thing that happened in the past are like gost!
So... Even if it's hard... You have to "act" like they're never happened!

This is my advice for today! I hope you like it and found it useful!
I hope you're week will be great! See you on Friday!

XOXO, Fede:)

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