We are not racist! We need an help!

Today I don't wanna talk about beauty! But about the situation that almost everyone in Europe knows!

As you may know, Italy is one of the worst places to live nowadays, but not because it's a unhealthy or a bad country, but because there's crisis and we have to pay a lot of taxes (and young people cannot find job because of the crisis!)...

We are facing a HUGE "migration" of African people that we cannot handle!
Nobody in here has the money for maintaining them and the government think more about the "immigrant" than Italian themselves!
And what is worst is that Europe seems to not listen to us! Italians are "forced" to live in poverty and sometimes they have to sell their houses because there's no money!

I'm part of a family who sweat for reach the end of the month, I go to Uni and my brothers go to school too! My dad has lost is job an my mum is an housewife... How can we live?? We wake up everyday with a HUGE WEIGHT on our stomach, knowing that noody will help us! 
WHAT'S WORST?? You may think!
Well... We have to pay for immigrants, who have cigarettes and food! They have more than what we actually have! They earn more than what we earn! And they do nothing!

It's sad to see one of the most beautiful countries in the world, that has a huge history beside its shoulders, collapsing in the way Italy is doing...

Young adults are forced to go living abroad, cause there's no future in here! Me and my boyfriend, as a lot of Italians, are planning our future... But all of our dreams could (or will??) not become real if we stay in here!

I wrote this post to make the world know that WE ARE NOT RACIST! WE ARE (only) TIRED OF PAYING FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO LIVES BETTER THAN US! There's families who lives in their cars! Because they don't have a home??? Do you think it's fair???

Italy is not only Mafia and pizza... Italy is made of people who work hard and suffer every day, without seeing improvements!

Now... I know that almost nobody will read this post, but I want to share my thoughts to all of you and maybe, one day, the hopeless scream of Italian people will be heard!

XOXO, Fede:)

P.S. Sorry for my English, but today I was too angry for correcting all of this! 

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