Behind YouTube | The Truth!

Hi everyone!

Today I'd love to share my thoughts with you about something that make me get angry all the time: sponsored videos...

As most of you know, beauty gurus earn money thanks to the viewers but that is not the only way to earn something, and I'm talking about SPONSORED videos...

Almost every youtuber, during his/her career, makes some sponsored videos, and that's totally fine!

But there are youtubers that have mostly sponsored videos on their channel and that's what I wanna talk about!

Beside the fact that in the information box, if the video is sponsored, you HAVE TO SAY IT, the viewer has to be really careful...

Everyone should make money in every and each way he can, don't get me wrong, but "too much of something" is never a good thing! Viewers start discussing your credibility and even if you are sweet and nice, people will start avoiding you and your videos, just because they don't trust you anymore!

If we are talking about nice products, that you love and use always, I'm glad that the company even pays you, I mean, who doesn't dream something like that???

But if you make tutorials whit products that don't work and you hide this fact by layering other products on top of the first ones, don't you feel guilty with yourself?? Girls who are just starting getting into makeup and into YouTube will spend money on something that is not good (and recently the items where high-end, so that's even worse!)...

I know this post is useless and I know that since last year the whole comment section of every video, of every major You-Tuber, has been plenty of hate and you cannot share your thoughts, even if you try not to be mean, that's why I made this post!

I hope not to generate hate, and I also hope to start a discussion about this topic, beside warning the young girls (and boys, obviously) to not get tricked!

I hope you've found this post interesting, and I REALLY love to know what you think about all this thing! I get angry every time cause of this and I hope I'm not the only one who feel like that!

If you are a newbie to the YouTube world and you are a beauty addicted, like me, I hope this post will help you not to buy makeup items that will not work and to not waste your money!

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