Cold Weather Friendly Products (Drugstore edition)!

Hello everyone!
I hope everything is fine! Today I wanna tell you what my top makeup products (for the colder months) are!
If during the summer I try to avoid products that make me oily (but not so "heavy"
on the skin! Like BB creams or foundations that have matte finish), in the winter I love glowy skin, even because I prefer hydrating products, whose help my skin looking healthier, less dry and less gray (if you know what I mean!) and cause my skin is not so oily during this period.
So... Without further do... Let's get into the real post!
  1. Hydrating foundation (in particular the "FitMe!" by Maybelline New York): I hate this type foundations during summer but, in the winter, I LOVE IT! It's so hydrating and the color matching, for me, it's perfect! It doesn't emphasize the dry patches on my face and it doesn't crease on the fine-lines! Which is also perfect if you have mature skin (my mum loves it too!). I haven't buy it yet, but I need to cause my Revlon Foundation is almost empty (I'm thinking about doing a review! Tell me if you want it!)! In the range there's also a concealer, come read the review!)
    I use the shade number 125 "nude beige" (*credits:
  2. Matte Lipstick: you know, during winter matte lipstick are almost a must! If last year I wore only dark colors, this year I'm more into nude lips, like MLBB colors! Which could be mauve colors, with a slight hint of pink or brown! I found, not a long time ago, the perfect matte lipstick! BUT! DON'T FORGET THE LIPBALM!!
  3. Lipgloss: Here you are my biggest problem during the winter time : chapped lips! I love matte lipsticks but sometimes it's hard to rock them if your lips are super dry! And just a little bit of lipgloss (dabbed it with the finger) on the top of the lipstick (which makes your lips not shiny, but with a velvet finish!) will solve yours (and mine) problems!
  4. Cream Blushes: my cheeks are, beside of my lips, one of the driest point of my face! Cream blushes help me to avoid this situation, making my face more glowy and looking healthier! They work well even as a natural highlighter! I've got mine for almost an year and it was in a  limited edition, it's from Kiko (and yes... I need to buy another one... Cause it's old... But it's still good!), but this brand comes out almost every season with that cream blushes so... Don't worry!

    A lot of brands make cream blushes! So it's not so hard to find the "perfect one"! I didn't have time to make a photo of mine! And on the net I found nothing! But those two are a perfect dupe for it! (*Credits:

So... What are your must-have products for the winter time?? Let me know in the comments!
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XOXO, Fede:)

P.S. Sorry if I didn't post pictures made by myself but, those days have been insane! I didn't have the time to do it! I promise I'll try to do so for the next posts!

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