Flu?? Not Today!!

Today I would like to talk about cold/flu! And mainly how to "avoid/prevent/fight" them!
During this period it's so hard not to get "something" and, when you get it... It's a disaster! And you wanna only to make it go away!
I don't like looking like that?? You too??
But! I have some "tricks" that help me feeling better (sooner) and I hope those will, eventually, help you! But I hope you get nothing! Without rambling... Let's go to the post!
  1. Avoid milk: it may seems stupid but, mainly in case of the flu, milk will make the situation worse. This is because it's harder to digest and your body has to work harder for it! It seems difficult even for me (and I'm a "milk in the tea" type of person! Even thought I'm Italian and this is not a "trend" here!) but, when I start to feel that something is wrong, I remove it from my diet.
  2. Lemon & Orange are your best friends! You already know it... VITAMIN C IS THE BEST! I put lemon juice on the tea (which I think it's better than with only sugar, it add some taste to it!), drink lot of orange juice and put a little bit of lemon on the water! I learned only recently that drinking lemon juice is also good if you wanna lose weight! So... A lot of benefits in just some juice!
  3. WATER: Just... Drink!
  4. SOUP ALL THE WAY! I don't think there's something to say about it!
  5. PAMPER YOURSELF: why waisting some precious time when you're at home?? Free to do something better?? Put some masks on your face (which help you to fight against looking tired and gray!), apply some nail-polish, have a nice bath/shower and enjoy your time! Sometimes if you look better you will feel better! Or is just only me??
  6. TAKE IT SLOWLY: Sometimes getting better faster is not a good thing, make sure you get well better! Even thought it requires more time!
  7. DRESS LESS: Try to dress less when you are in a indoor place (houses, bars, malls and everything similar) and dress up only when you have to get out from those places! 
    Fight against it!
Those are the things that makes me feel better everytime I don't feel well! And I hope those will work for you too! Tell me if you have some tricks too! I'd love to know them!
That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post!

XOXO, Fede:)

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