Maybelline "Colossal Go Extreme!" mascara review!

Hello everyone!
Sorry if I have not posted a lot during this weeks but, since I started university everything has become insane! I litterally had no time for writing something! Even if I'd love to!
Anyway... Today I have a review for you!
I actually bought this mascara because it was on sale! Tell me I'm not the only one guilty of doing things like that!:) And because it was a favorite of some youtubers!

What Maybelline say:

*Credits: Maybelline, the one that I have is the "extreme black" version, which is different from the others only for the "color" so... Don't worry!:)
*Credits:Maybelline, this is the classic version!

Our biggest mascara brush with the double curved stem delivers a double shot of mascara.
Smoother formula with double the collagen plumps without clumps.
Why You'll Love It
Pumped up volume up to 16X with the first double shot brush that scoops up an extra shot of plumping formula for the most pumped up volumizing lashes ever.
For Best Results
Sweep the double shot brush from root to tip for instant volume and bigger lashes.
US 7.77$ (this is like the "Pumped Up! Colossal", the wand it's the same!)
UK £6.99
EUR  10/12 eur

What I think about it:

  • Lenght: It give your natural lashes a lot of lenght! 
  • Definition: If you apply it like Maybelline say, your lashes will look a hundred times better! The definition it gives it's amazing! And when a mascara gives definition, for me, it's a winner!
  • Really Black: this is one of the blackest mascara I've seen! Sometimes mascaras could look a little grey but this... Not at all!
  • Long-wearing: when I need a mascara that has to stay on my lashes for more than 12 hours, this is the winner! I literally wear it for more than 12hr! Maybe for 14hrs straight! And I'm not even kidding!
  • Waterproof: where I live it rained for almost two weeks straight! And the mascara, after all that water (most of the time I didn't have an umbrella so... I was soaking wet!) there were no smudging! 

  • Not volumizing: I think it's something I had to expect! It seems that definition means no volume or, at least, not so much like I expect! And, if I want volumized lashes, I have to really build up the product and get those spidery lashes which I hate!
  • Huge wand: as you may see from the photo (up in here) the wand it's huge! My eyelid gets dirty everytime and, for me, it's pretty much impossible get in my lower lash line because of the wand! This is a nightmare for me!
  • Dries fast:when you open it, it has a wet formula, but after 1/2 weeks it gets thicker and, after another week, more on the drier side, which, with this type of mascara, means clump! I always brush my lashes with a clean wand so the clumps disappear!
Like every product it has some pros and some cons but I cannot deny that it's a nice mascara, like all of the maybelline mascaras! The most important thing is that is long-wearing! So... I f you need a really nice mascara which doesn't cost a lot of money, try this one!

That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful! Let me know, if you've tried it, what you think about it! And suggest me some products to try (maybe a concealer, since mine is almost gone!)!
See you next time!

XOXO, Fede:)

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