What Will I do???

Hi guys,
today I want to talk you about one of the most common questions teenagers and young adults ask themselves almost every day!

You know, I'm 21 and few days ago I was talking with my boyfriend (which is also 21 and in my same situation!) and I realized I actually don't know what I want to do and in my future there's a huge hole that bothers me so much!

I know that I'm young and I still have my whole life ahead but it's hard to know that you don't know what to do WITH YOUR WHOLE LIFE!
I'm a type of person who doesn't like changes and who tries, in every each way, to reach stability in her life.

The world keep pushing us for reaching the top, and adults talk about our future as if it is something "sure"! But we still don't understand them!
I wanna be an architect?? A chef?? Do I want to work?? Do I wanna go to school?? I DON'T KNOW!

It's hard to think about our future right know, and you know why?? We are young!! We still have a lot to learn about ourselves and the worst thing we can do is PRETENDING THAT WE KNOW OURSELVES! I'm not talking about egoism, but about self-consciousness!

Sometimes we have to understand that most of the time, for those answers, there's not a perfect answer, and (almost) certainly we will answer to the question even in our thirties! We have to grow, understand a lot of things of life and of ourselves!

This is not a beauty related post, but I feel like in this blog, lately, I just want to share my thought about life and whatever I want! Just because I know that, all around the world, there's someone that would like to know that is not alone in an hard situation, and making her/his know that things will get better! 


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