Cakey Foundation?? No Thanks!

Happy MakeupFriday folks!
Today I  decided to write about: FOUNDATION!
I know it might seems stupid, but every time I go somewhere i see girl with cakey foundation, who makes them look older and not so good looking!
That's what I HATE seeing! I love Katy but... Just... WHY?? NO THANKS!
I have to admit that, lately, I've been obsessed with skincare and makeup-bases, cause I've understand that those two "things" are the most important steps if you want a good-looking makeup! 
So... I wanna tell you my "secrets" for obtaining a nice base, without looking like mummies!
Without further do... Let's get into it!
  1. MOISTURIZE YOUR FACE: I think I'll never stop saying it! There's no way you can obtain a good looking base without moisturizer! What is more important that moisturize your face? Your under-eye area (and even your eyelid)! If you skip this step... Your concealer will crease no matter what and if you also have dry eyelids your eye makeup will look like crap!
  2. WAIT FOR THE MOISTURIZE TO DRY:Wait for almost 15/20 minutes before applying your foundation, if you apply it when your skin has yet to absorb all the moisturizer your foundation will glide on and it won't set!
  3. APPLY SMALL QUANTITY OF FOUNDATION: What I learned in the last year is that you don't have to apply a pound of foundation on your face! If this is good you don't need as much as you think! Just a little drop will make his work! 
  4. APPLY IT WITH THE RIGHT TOOL: Tools (which can be brushes, sponges or even your finger tips!) are one of the most important thing when talking about bases! A bad quality brush/sponge will make your face look like crap! I'm not telling you that you have to spend a lot of money on a brush/sponge! Cause it's totally wrong! But there are a lot of cheap option that are only wait for you!
    The "Beauty Blender" is the most famous sponge in the world! But it's not so cheap! Maybe somewhere there's a dupe of it!
  5. SET IT WITH A THIN LAYER OF POWDER: This is an advice that will save your life! Powder will make you look older if you apply too much! Even more if you set your under-eye area with a lot of it! All the fine line will be like "BOOM! IN THE FACE!" And it will not look good! If you choose the right foundation (for your skin type), by the way, you will not need a lot of powder!

    That's it for today! I hope you all have a great day! 
    Let me know what your foundation-related secrets are! 
    See you next time! 

    XOXO, Fede:)

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