Live Your Life!

Happy InspirationalMonday everyone! (and if it's not Monday... I hope this post inspired you too!)
Today I wanna talk you about choices! But in a different way!

Let me explain... I don't wanna tell you what is right or what is wrong! Because who am I for decide for you?? (sometimes I can't even make choices for myself! Like... Ice cream or cake?? Hahaha! I'm joking! Let's get serious!)
I just wanna tell you that you HAVE to choose without listening to people near you! Who could have not a good influence on you! Don't get me wrong! You have to listen who loves you! They will surely help!
But... One person you have o listen surely... Yourself... YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! 
Nobody could make your choices beside yourself! You are what you lived in the past! You know what is most important for you!
I know that sometimes it's hard... Cause you think you don't believe in yourself, convincing yourself that your choices will be always wrong... BUT IT'S NOT...
Just make them! Believe in yourself and everything will be alright!
A choice will change your whole life?? Just do it if your instinct tell you that that choice is right!

SO... What I wanna tell you is: believe in yourself! Follow your heart and your brain! Don't listen to other people and make choices that are good for yourself! Not for the others!

I hope you liked this post and that it helped you (if you need some help, obviously)!
Have a nice day!

XOXO, Fede:)

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