Makeup Tips & Tricks!

Hello everyone!
Hope everything is fine! This week I was not so present and I'm really sorry! But... You know those day where you don't even have time to turn on your computer?? My week was full!

But today I have a makeup post for you!
Sometimes the problem of your skin/eyelids can compromise the effects of the makeup items we are  using... Or sometimes we buy the wrong piece of makeup (maybe this?)!
I wanna help you to solve those type of problems! At least... The bigger ones!
Here you are 5 tips that saved my life in the past!
  1. Extremely Oily Skin?? Any foundation seems not working?? Try mattyfing your face with a powder before and after you put your foundation on! Any powder will work! Just use what you have at home! I use the Stay matte powder by Rimmel London (in the shade "transparent")! Or maybe Try with a primer! But they are more expensive that the technique I told you before! And if you're a person who doesn't like an heavy base maybe this is not the best choice!
  2.  Creasing Under-eye concealer?? Everyone has some fine lines in the under-eye zone! And is pretty much impossible not having them! I think! And if you're one of those lucky people who has non of them... Lucky you!  The trick with the powder is a solution! But you know what works even better? Eyeshadow primer! Put it, before you put your foundation and concealer , on the interested zone and after you put all of your products set them with a powder (if you use a small powder brush it will be better cause you can reach all the points of the zone) with pressing motions (not sweeping!).
    This is the Real Techniques "Setting Brush", it's perfect for setting the under-eye area!
  3. Wrong foundation shade?? Everyone one during the time of his life has experimented what buying a wrong shade foundation looks like (so sad!)! It could be lighter or darker of your skin tone and the solution are two! If the shade is lighter (so easy) just take a bronzer and with a bigger brush warm up your face in the right place (cheeks, jaw and temples) but remember: not in the highlighted zones! Like the undereye, the bridge of the nose and the center of your forehead! If the foundation is darker just mix it with another foundation (that is lighter!) or with a moisturizer (and it will give you a nice glow without being so dark)!
  4.   Wrong lip-product color?? That beautiful nude lipstck is not so good looking on you? That bright neon-orange makes your theeth look yellow like a lemon?? Try mixing them! Nude color can be mixed with a tiny bit of pink lipstick or gloss (it all depends from the finish you want!) and it will not make you so washed out! The orange can be mixed with a blue eyeshadow (a small quantity!) so it will become a cooler color without toning down the "impact" that it gives!
  5. Not pigmented (powder) eyeshadows?? The solution is: Cream eyeshadow! Use it as a base! This really makes the difference! You can choose a shade lighter (and it will give you a softer look, perfect for a day-time makeup) or a shade darker (and the colors will pop! Your eyes will look sexier! Perfect for a night makeup! If you're scared of black cream eyeshadows try with grey or brown!) of your actual eyeshadow... Trust me... This is an amazing trick!!
So... That's it for today! I hope you liked this post! Comment below if you're agree with me... Or not! And tell me yours if you have some! 
See you next time!
XOXO, Fede:)

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