ONE of Those Days!

Today I wanna talk to you about that period (not THAT period!) when, if everything is right and you have no reason to be sad... But you are!

Everyone seems happy and you are really sad and alone (or, at least, you feel like so!).
I just wanna tell you, even if you're scared, that those feelings are normal! You are not crazy or depressed!
Even if it seems stupid... Everyone lives moments like that!... You only have to let you go... Cry, shout, do whatever makes you feel good!
In a pair of day everything will be normal again and you will be happy! Or... At least... Less sad that how you were before!
I think it's normal having those day. I experienced that they are worse if I don't sleep well (or I sleep less that I should!), if I don't workout (which is good for your body and for your mind) and if I stay a lot of time in front of a computer/phone/tv!
What makes me feel better is, definitely, eating healthy (but you know... Sometimes we NEED chocolate!), working out and sleep!

I know this is not an inspirational post at all... But this weekend has been awful because I was really upset (the last three day were one of those days!) and I choose to talk with you about that! Hope to make you feel less lonely and more loved (cause you are loved! Because I love you! You're on of y readers and how cannot I love you??)!

So... I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments what you think about those days! And what makes you feel better (or worse!). 
Hope you all have a great day/week!

XOXO, Fede <3

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