Essential Brushes!

Hello guys!
Today I wanna talk to you about... BRUSHES! It's a stupid topics, you may think, but I think is one of the most important!
You don't need a whole set of them! Just the ones that you REALLY need! (read till the end and I'll tell you what mine are!)

I recently discover that, even if you have the most beautiful  makeup products, that allows you to have a smooth, flawless finish, you (almost!) need some good tools!

Every makeup brand has his own line of brushes now and they're not so hard to find/buy them anymore!
But! If you're not sure if the quality of them is nice... Do not buy them! You can always find really cheap brushes that have an amazing quality! Like the "Essence" ones!

Now... I tell you what my go-to brushes are!
  1. FOUNDATION BRUSH: I'm not talking about the "cat's tongue" foundation brush! But about a buffing brush! Which could be a kabuki or whatever you want! Make sure it has really dense bristles! It will give you a nice coverage without absorbing too much product!
    This is the one I use! And actually the only one I have! It's from "Real Techniques" ! Is only available in "kit" ("Sam picks" or "The core collection") which sucks!!! I buy the whole Sam Picks collection... Btw...
  2. POWDER BRUSH: this is a multi-task brush! You can use it for setting your makeup, for bronzing your face and applying blush! It will give you a perfect finish! 
    Multi task brush from Real Techniques!
  3. CONTOUR BRUSH: there's nothing special about it! Everyone knows what this is made for! Bronzer and blush will be perfect with this!
    This is the " F05 - Small Contour" brush fro Sigma I don't have it (I have one by another brand) but is one of the most common brushes to find! You only have to make sure that it applies the product evenly! Not leaving patches!
  4. EYESHADOW BRUSH: just the "typical" flat eyeshadow brush!
    I've got this for years! It's amazing! From "Deborah Milano", It's not available worldwide, but in all the European continent!
  5. BLENDING BRUSH: this is a MUST-HAVE PRODUCT!! I don't know how I could live without him! Blending is the key of a good makeup! And this one will make his work! I think is one of those brushes that are hard to find (in the medium/low price range) but if you find the right one... You'll understand what I mean! And you will not live anymore without it!
    "KIKO" eyes 200, there are a lot of different opinions in the web! Some are good and some are bad! But... For me... It works! I think it depends on the way you wash it!
  6. FLAT ANGLED LINER BRUSH: eyeliner and brows are a must have for (almost) every woman! And this is the perfect brush! Just remember to clean it very well after you used it for gel eyeliner! Because, if not, It'll stain it!
    I've got one from a random brand, but all of them are good! This is the Sigma E65 - Small Angle brush.

So... I hope you've find this post useful! Let me know in the comments what you're favorite brushes are! You know, everyone is different and has different favorites!
Have a nice day! 

XOXO, Fede:)

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