2015 Goals!

Since 2015 is here I wanna share with you my goals! "Why??" You may ask... Cause if I tell the world what I'd love to do during this year I feel more motivated! And if you are like me... Leave yours in the comment below! I'd love to know what yours are!
  1. Be more positive: I have to admit that I'm a negative person, if something happen I start having bad thoughts. You know... It's like the story of the half full/half empty glass I used to see it half empty! And I use to even now!
  2. Earn some money: find a wok, starting earning some money through this blog... Everything I can I'll do for earning some! 
  3. Be a better person: I think it's always a good thing trying to improve yourself! Do you think so??
  4. Be more present for my blog: since I started university I had less time to spend on my blog, cause of the tiredness and homework, but I hope to have some time to spend on it! Cause it's what I really love to do!
  5. Be THANKFUL: to everybody, especially to you! Every single person who reads my post has a place in my heart! As soon as I started this blog I understand why youtubers and bloggers are always thankful to the readers/viewers! 
So... Thank you for reading this post (and the others if you did too!) you are so important to me! 
Subscribe if you want! I'll be more than grateful!

Love you, Fede:)

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