MUG | What to Buy??

Hello makeup-addicted!:)
Today... It's not a real post... It's more like a question... FOR YOU!
Now... Let me explain!
I live in Italy and, as you may know, the crisis is huge! But what is worst is that the taxes (the worst is IVA, which is basically the money you have to pay to the state when you buy something, even when you buy something on-line which does not come from the EU zone, and now it's rated about 22%) are really high! And Italians have to pay that extra-money when buying something!
So, if you want to pay less and (maybe?!) avoid custom entry, the order has to be "small" maybe even less than 20 euros! (it means that I have to order 3/4 shadows at the time! Which sucks! Cause I have to pay two times the shipping cost!)

What I would like to ask you is:" what shades do you think are MUST-HAVE??"

Now... I'd love to have some nice must-have matte shades on the neutral side! And I choose mine, already! Even thought I'm thinking about placing the order on March!
Here you are the colors I chose:
White Lies: a white, matte shade!

Vanilla Bean: an ivory shadow, matte finish!

Peach Smoothie: do I have to say something about it??? Everyone raves about it!

Mango Tango: a warm/peachy color, not too dark, brown shadow!

Creme Bruleè: another warm-toned brown, but less warm than Mango Tango!
Cosmopolitan: this photo doesn't make him justice! But this is a pink/peach with gold-flex in it!

I know, I know... I'm a boring girl! But you know... Since this will be an investment, I decide to buy some classic matte shades, which are perfect for every type of makeup!
I chose, definitely, mine, after watching KathleenLights video, which shows all the shadows that she and allows you to see the "real" color of the shades! (sometimes the on-line store photos don't shows really well the real color! And if you have bought something on-line you'll understand what I mean!)
Now... I'd love to know if there are other shadows that I should buy! Maybe after this orders! I'd love to know your opinion! 
Anyway... Thank you for reading this post and, if you did, to reply!:)

XOXO, Fede:)

P.S. all the photos are taken from the Makeup Geek site!

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