What I got for Christmas?!

Hi everyone,
today I'd love to share with you some of my "Christmas thoughts" but I don't want to write about what I got for Christmas and how amazing and expensive other presents were!
Since I'm a YouTube addicted (those are my favorite channels, beauty and not) I saw all of the "What I got for Christmas" videos and I can honestly say that you don't have watch those and think that you're unlucky or whatever you could think (I'm talking about bad thoughts, obviously!).
You know... I learned that sometimes you can't have what you really want! But you don't have to feel sad!
Like everything, good or bad, the lucky will turn back and, if you're living a bad moment don't worry, it'll pass!
Not receiving an iPad, an iPhone or a MacBook (or whatever it may be) is not so important! Even though I'd love to receive one of them;) but a lot of person can't afford those things! Like me and like you, maybe! So you're not the only one who watch those videos and wish that you could have, someday, a Christmas like that!
You know... Maybe some Chanel eyeshadows, some YSL lipstick... I'd love those but... They're not a reason to be sad! *Credits:www.bellamentestyle.com

The point of all this post is that you have to be happy for what you have, not sad for what you don't have! Be thankful for everything in your life and regret nothing!

I know that for some of you this could seem stupid but if you're a YouTube addicted like me... You'll understand why I wrote this post, definitely!
Let me know what you think about it! And tell me what was the best thing of Christmas! Mine was definitely see my family happy, even thought we couldn't afford presents (this crisis sucks, and I live in Italy so... It's even worse! Will the situation get better?? Maybe not!)!
By the way... It snowed! I'm so happy for that! There's not a lot of it but... Better than nothing!:)

Hope you all have great holidays!
XOXO, Fede:)

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