Looking fancy?!

Hi everyone!
Today I'd love to share my tricks for not looking "fancy" (yeah! In a bad way!) and looking good if you wanna create a classy, nice look!
There are some tips that may help you... And actually they are really "stupid" but sometimes we need to remember ourselves what not to do!
  1. Don't use only shimmery shadows: I always see, when I go to the mall or somewhere, women that wear only shimmery shadows! And every time I stare at them looking like a stupid! The best thing to do is to use a matte transition shade and a nice matte browbone highlighter! I love matte eyeshadows and mainly I wear matte eye-looks!
    Having glittery shadow all over your face is not a good thing! *credits: Glamour.com
  2. Don't wear glitter on your face: glittery blushes could work, if you have a nice skin, but you better avoid them if you have larger pores! Even highlighters! In the market a lot of brand launch finely-melted highlighters, which give you a nice scene without looking like a glittery mess! Even the drugstore versions are great!
  3. No spidery lashes: I think mascara it's the staple of every girl! It enhances your eyes making your lashes looking full and long! But don't exaggerate!Too much mascara will make your lashes clumpy and not-so-good-looking! 
  4. Blend your blush: do I have to say something more about this thing?? I don't think so!:)
    Oh Godness... I don't wanna look like that!
  5. Don't outline too much your lips: everyone love full lips but not when they look fake! Outlining them a little bit is good, if you need to, but don't overdo with the lip liner! Just try to do it in the most-natural-way!
    Every girl tried to outline her lips like Kylie! Even I did! And you wanna know how I looked??

Like Miranda!:)

Sooooo... That's it for today! Let me know if this tips were helpful! And if there are some mistakes that you hate seeing on other people!!!:)
Thank you so much for reading my blog, love you:)

XOXO, Fede:)

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