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I have a review for you! About the long-lasting lipstick from Essence! First thing first I have to say that those lipsticks are REALLY AFFORDABLE! They're like 2/3 euros/dollars/pounds and that allows you to build up your lipstick collection without spend tons of money (great!)!
I have three (I've tried 4 of them! Cause I bought my mum the shade 03! But even thought it's for her... I tried it!) shades of them! BUT, unfortunately, one of them was of a limited edition! But there is a similar color on the permanent collection... And I'm going to tell you what it is later!:)
The colors I have tried are:
03. Dare to Wear: this is the perfect blue-toned red! But this is gonna be discontinued... SADLY!

15. Oh so Matt!: I'm trying to convince myself to buy a nude lipstick and this was an impulse-buy! Cause it's cheap!XD But I actually love this color! It's nude but not so nude!
This is Waka-Waka from one of the past collections! But I think they've replaced this one with another! Anyway... This is a deep fuchsia!
13. Cotton Candy: this is a bright baby-pink! I think it's hard to put on smoothly! But once you have... It looks perfect!

Those lipstick are really creamy and pigmented! The color selection is amazing and you can definitely find the shade you're looking for!
But... I have to warn you... The lighter shades (like "cotton candy" and "oh so matte!") are less smooth than the darker shades and go on a little bit blotchy. What I do for avoid this problem is to really build up the color (till your lips feel bad!) and then blot with a tissue, so the color comes out homogeneously and you are not able to see your lip-color anymore! But I think this is a problem of all the lighter shades lipstick (of almost every brand!)! So for me is not a big deal!
The darker colors are amazing! They goes on smoothly and they do not dry out your lips!
They have a satin finish, but you definitely make it matte by blotting with a tissue and (after) powder your lips! They stay on my lips for almost 5/6 hours without re-touching my lips and, after they start fading, the tint of them stay on your lips (they don't stain your lips, I hope you know what I mean!) and fades lightly as the time goes by!
Btw... I cannot did some lips swatches cause the lighting was really bad!

Let me know what you think about those! I'm excited to know it!:) Cause I love them so much!

That's it for today! Hope you all have a great day!
XOXO, Fede:)

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