School or work? This is the problem!

Hello everyone!
Last month I received a call from a company, where they asked me if I would like to to work with them! In a minute a whole world opened in front of me and I started thinking about the idea to go to work instead of studying! I had to refuse! Because I was already matriculate to the university! But this idea is still "flying" in my head!
Sometimes you have to choose between those things! Money or not??

After this call I started thinking:" Is it better going to work or continuing studying?"
And that's what I'm asking you today! What do you think about it??

Everyone has his own history and... Who am I for judging or for tell him what to do?? I would only help you to choose, if you don't know what to do.

For me, even if I need money (for buying makeup!), studying is more important! Cause you're building your future! And if it means... MORE MONEY!... It's an awesome thing!! Don't you agree???
But this is only my point of wiew! Let me know what you think about it! Cause this "topic" is really important for me!

Sooooo... That's it for today! I hope you liked this post! Don't forget to comment below letting me know what you think about it! And follow me if you want!

Have a great week,

Kisses, Fede:)

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