The 5 Best Movies!

Even thought I'm not a huge film-lover I decided to make a list about my most watched movies ever!
I'm not patient at all and watching them, for me, is just... A pain!!
But!!... There are some movies I love watching! It doesn't matter how many times I've already watched them!!
  1. The Great Gatsby: this is AMAZING!! I love it!! I think it reflect the book in every part of it! And the special effects, music and actors are phenomenal!! If you don't... You have to watch it! 
  2. The Help: Emma Stone in this movie is so gorgeous!! I love even the history! I'm a "fan" of that period when there were fight between black and white people (I don't wanna offend anyone! I hope you understand right what I would like to tell you)! It communicate the real strenght of black people!! 
    Emma Stone is too gorgeous!! Don't you agree??
  3. Lord of The Ring (Trilogy): it's time to become a nerd!! Don't you agree?? The landscapes in those are just... Amazeballs!! That mountains, with the snow... I have no words...
  4. Transformers: I haven't watched the last one but... So far so good! 
  5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (1 & 2): I have a secret obsession for cartoons! And this is one of my all time favorite! The strawberry in the second films is too cute!!
    Look at that strawberry!!!

Do you have some suggestion? Let me know in the comments what film I should watch! And let me know what your favorites movies are!! 
So... I hope you liked this post!! If you wanna stay update, follow the google platform! And on Bloglovin! (there are links up in the right) I'll be grateful if so!:)

Kisses, Fede:)

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