Regret Nothing!

I hope everything is fine!!
Today I wanna talk you about regretting! I think everyone has done something that regrets! It's impossible haven't done it! But... You know what??

I don't care! I did a lot of things I regret! But... As the image say... I mostly regret what I didn't done when I had the chance!... Have you ever asked yourself:
"What if it works?"
This is what I ask myself every time I say "no" to something! During life you have to choose a million times between something... But what I've learned is: don't regret about your choices! NEVER! What you choose is what really represent yourself and your personality! And sometimes is only destiny! There aren't wrong choices... But there are choices that are better than other! Don't you agree???

Do you wanna know something I really regret??? Let me know in the comments! So I 'll do a post on it! Cause it's a pretty long story!

What I wanna tell you, with all my heart, is: live your life! Regret nothing and be proud of who you are!!

I think... This is the end of this post but... Not the really end!...
I wanna thank all of you! Thanks for reading my blog! You're so amazing and special!! Follow me on my blog, if you want, and even on the social media! I've just create d a Bloglovin account for my blog! So you can stay update! Have a nice week! See you on Wednesday!!:)

Love you, Fede:)

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