Be better of yourself!

Happy InspirationalMonday everyone!:)
I hope your weekend has been great! Did you have fun???
Last week I came across this image and I decide to do a post about it... Maybe (surely) everyone knows it, but how many people does what it sais??
Maybe I'm the wrong person to talk about it... And maybe some of you already left this page because "it's stupid"... But I don't care... I talk about it anyway:)
As I grow up I learned something new, but I'm not talking about school oor something related, but about life.
Everyday we do something wrong and we fail (maybe) and the point is try to not do that mistakes anymore! I know it seems stupid, but how many times we did something wrong over and over again and only after a million times we understood that the way we did it was wrong?? This concept is also related to real life. Experiences makes us laugh and cry, we only have to understand how to improve the second one!
This is what inspired me today! I hope it inspire you too! Let me know!:)

I hope you liked this post!:) Follow me if you want!:)
Oh and... As soon as I have everything that I need (a week or two!), I'll start the YouTube cannel!:)

XOXO, Fede:)

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