Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm (review)

Hello everyone!!!!:)
The weekend starts today!! Finally!! And I have a review for you!!:) Aren't you happy???
I'll talk about the Revlon "Colorburst matte balm" and I'll tell you the good things and the bad ones! I hope I'll help you making the hard decision (buying them or not?) since I haven't heard a lot of youtubers properly talking about them. Soooo... Let's go!

What Revlon say:
Vibrant colors infused with a Triple Butter Complex give you a bold, beautiful lip. It’s a burst of matte color with a balm-like feel. Go bold and get moisturized in 10 craveable, collectible shades.
Prices*: US 6.99/12$
              UK 7.99£
              EUR 10/12€ 

What I think:
What Revlon said is true actually! They are really pigmented and matte even if they are called "balms"! The color payoff is good, even thought the color, especially on the bright tone ones (like the number 210, Unapologetic) is uneven (I've to swipe my finger on the lips for make it more even).
Those are the ones that I have, the numbers 205 and 210:)
They have a nice (almost, for me) minty smell, but... It's not so minty!... Like, mint ice-cream! Do you know what I mean?? I hope yes!:) 
There is a great color selection ( you can find every color you need, you would like an orange lipstick?? There's one!) even if the number of shades are not a lot... But you can always mix the colours together!
They are pretty moisturizing, if you don't have lips that dry easily... Like every matte lipstick! 
They last a long time after you apply them (5 hours and even more!).
I love those products! As you may know I'm a lipstick junkie so... I will continue raving about them!!:)

I hope you liked this post and find it interesting!:) Let me know what you thnk about them! And what colors you have!:) 

XOXO, Fede:)  

P.S. I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel, what do you think about? Please let me know in the comments below I'd really appreciate it!:)

*The prices may variate.

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