Workout Routine!

Hello folks!
Happy RandomWednesday!
Today I decided to share my workout routine! Cause I think it'd be cool! (Or only stupid??)
Well! First thing first! I workout usually three times a week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and I do it because I noticed that working out helps me to relax afterward and, maybe, loose some weight! The hardest thing of it is to win the fight with the laziness! I learned not to listen myself! because when I ask myself "Hey! Do you wanna go run??" my answer is always "NOOOOO!!" so, what I do, is putting my shoes on and go out! Like there's someone behind who's forcing me!
I start my workout with a run! The time of it may variate (from 15 to 30 minutes) and it also depends in how much I walk instead of run (if I walk more, the time will increase).
 I'm thinking about doing this instead of a run, if the weather is not so good! What do you think?
After a nice run I go home! Where I have "something" that I call gym (there is a yoga mat) and some weights.
The part of my body that I hate the most is my belly! I've tried a lot of exercises for it but those two are the only ones that works!

Alli is a GORGEOUS girl! And those exercise really make you feel your abs!!

Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor so her advice are "safe"!
I'm also trying to improve my butt! Everytime I watch Instagram pictures I see perfect butts! I want one like them!!!
I also do squats besides this! But not a lot cause my knees aren't so good!!

Now... Legs!!... I don't focus a lot into legs because I've already got muscles (and not a lot of fat), but something that I wanna make disappear are the inner thighs!
 But! If you're looking for a nice leg workout... Here you are!:)

So... Did you enjoy this post! I hope your answers is yes! I hope this help you to find the right workout routine! Do you go to the gym or do it by yourself (like me)??? Let me know!!:) 

XOXO, Fede:) 

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