Makeup "crimes"!

Today I decided to do a post where I tell you all the makeup "habits" (I don't know how to call them! Tell me if they have a specific name! While thinking about the title of this post I was falling in deep depression for not knowing how they are really called!) that make me think "Oh God!... No!..." (does this even happen to you?? I'm strange, I know).
As I was writing this post I noticed that the most important thing, at least for me, is a perfect complexion. This doesn't mean that you have to cover your face with tons of foundations/concealer/correctors, you have to use the least amount of products you can, but in the right way!
After have said that... Here you are the real post!:)
  1. Heavy foundation: as you may know, I love watching beauty videos on youtube but, everytime I see how a "beauty guru" do her base, I cannot stop myself from thinking about how her face looks like in the "real life". Larger pores, fine lines, pimples and blackheads... Nobody's perfect! And all of those imperfections, under a heavy layer of foundation, are even bigger and noticeable! Of course! In front of the camera they look perfect and flawless! But... In the real life... Maybe not so much!
  2. Wrong shade foundation: looking tanned is now a must... But I don't think it's so glamorous have the face lighter/darker of your body... But you know... Everyone can do what he wants.
    Sorry but this was too funny!:) Do you wanna look like Donald???
  3. Foundation not blended down the neck: do I have to explain this point??:)
  4. Heavy contouring/highlighting: now this trend has faded a little but, thanks God, but I remember that, like an year ago, the heavy contouring and highlighting was THE trend! If you know what I mean! Foundation sticks, that were five shades darker than the actual skin tone of the girl, that were use for contouring. Highlighters almost white under the eyes, in the forehead and down the bridge of the nose... Only Kim Kardashian could wear something like that without looking "strange" (Just kidding! I love natural makeup even on her)... No... Please! Do you agree???
  5.  Now-on-trend-eyebrows-style: I don't like at all this style. Who has natural eyebrows that have a straight line in the upper and lower "line"??? I think it looks fake... I love eyebrows that, even if retouched, looks natural. Why you have to change your traits? Tell me if I am the only crazy person in this world that thinks it like so...
  6. Wrong shade of lipliner: ............................... NO!....
After thinking a lot about this topic I realized that everything concerned the eyes never bother me! Eye-makeup represent who we are! You can do what you want with it!:) A classic smokey eye, a colorful makeup or a neutral... Everything is fine!!... Don't you agree???:)
I hope you liked this post!! Comment below if you think this post has been interesting!:) and tell me what you think about it!:) See you on Monday!!:)

XOXO, Fede:)

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