Favorite youtubers! (Beauty Channels)

Hello guys!
This post will talk about my favorite beauty channels of youtube.
I started watching youtube videos an years ago only because I had nothing to do, but now I really have fun watching them and the time I spend watching some videos has become a part of my routine!
So here you are my favorite beauty channels:
1. Teni Panosian: I love her makeup tutorials! They are natural and she doesn't do the extreme highlight and countouring that all the others beauty youtubers do (if you know what i mean) wich I don't like at all because it make you look washed out!
2. Jaclyn Hill: She's a professional makeup artist and the thing I love about her videos is the fact that she uses a lot of warm tones eyeshadow, that I prefer because of my eyecolour (wich change always! Sometimes my eyes are blue, sometimes gray and sometimes green! ). The only thing wich I don't really like is the fact that she uses a lot of high end products (mainly M.A.C.) wich I cannot buy because are too expensive! But! If you have a special occasion, watching one of her videos would help you cause shes 's an expert and she knows what to do!
3. Camila Coelho: She is a brazilian makeup artist (who studied in the U.S. and lives in Boston) like Jaclyn she uses a lot of high end products but those are easily replaceable with drugstore ones! Her look are different each other so you can, with her help, reproduce all different looks!
4. Nicole Guerriero: I love her hauls videos (the drugstore ones! cause the Sephora or high-ends make me want to buy everything but I can't!) and she's really funny! I also like her hair tutorials!
5. Ingrid Nielsen (Missglamorazzi): She doesn't film a lot of makeup tutorials but what I love are her monthly favorites. She's really nice and sweet!
6. Bethany Mota: She's always so full of life in her videos and she has great ideas! That girl is the right example if you don't think that everyone can make his dreams come true!
7. Fleur DeForce: She's a british youtuber and shes's so gorgeus and sweet! I love her hair!
8. Batalash Beauty: this channel is a little bit different than the previous because in this there isn't only one youtuber but 4 (Samantha, which is one of the channel creators, the other one, Shaelin, stopped doing videos, Angela, Dominique and Jessica ) so the videos are all different each other even because you can see different people doing differen looks and not always the same person! Because we are all different!
9. Lauren Curtis: She's an australian youtuber and I like her videos because she uses all range of makeup (drugstore and highend... Do I say right??).

So! Those are my favorite beauty channels! I also watch other channels but these are my REALLY favorites! In the next post I will tell you what my "other" favourite channels are (lifestyle, vlogs, random things........ that tipe of videos!). Let me know what your favourite are! Don't be afraid to comment!:)

I hope you liked this post.
                                                  Bye, Fede:)   

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