Healthy life... Happy life!

Hope your weekend has started well so far! Today i wanna talk you about a topic that everyone talks about: the diet.
This is a very discussed topic and everyday there are some new diets.
I wanna clarify with you my idea: I think that the extreme diets don't have any sense! (Before thinking "hey you don't know nothing about it" I wanna tell you that I'm only sharing my thoughts about it, I don't wanna offend anyone... After that... I can continue writing my post... I think!... Can I? Thank you... I'm rambling... Sorry!!) 
As I told already I don't believe in extreme diets, I think that if at first they seem to work, but after a period the person that is dieting could start to feel the "downsides" of that! Maybe he start craving some foods that he cannot eat or maybe his body start to respond to the diet (in a bad way)!
Your diet has to make you feel good! Healthy foods make you feel like so!
I'm not fit at all but I feel good with myself. I don't eat a lot of unhealthy foods (like take-away hamburgers or fried foods), but when I wanna eat them I prefer make by myself! I wanna an hamburger? I take fresh bread, meat (mainly beef meat), some salad, some onions (that I chopped myself) and that's it! It's healthier and I think it tastes better than the other ones!
I told you this example cause I wanna make you understand that you don't have to renounce to the food you love! You only have to make the right changes (and choices).
I'm of the idea that, for reach your goal (to be fit and have the "perfect" body) you don't have to do a lot of sacrifices as I told already.
Another thing that you can do is not eating always the same things cause it's not healthy (and you already know, I think).
What really makes a difference, because the food tastes better and it's healthier, is to eat fresh fruit/vegetables. If you buy it at the market you can definitely tell that fresh food (and maybe even bio) makes the difference! When I eat I always pair the main plate (which could be meat or something other) with a plate of salad. This make me feel good and proud of myself (for you don't have any sense! I know) cause I know I make a good "thing" for my body and for my mind!
Something that really makes difference is not to skip meals! I usually didn't have breakfast and during the morning I was always hungry! Like... ALWAYS!!... And right when I started eating breakfast the hungriness sensation disappeared! Like... A magic!!!... Just kidding... I was too lazy to have breakfast because of school... 
Last but not least, stop craving! You can (and should) eat what you want! But not exaggerate! You wanna eat chocolate? Eat it! What really matter is, for me, the quantity of food you eat.
Those were my thought and my "tips", what really works for me so far! I hope you liked this post! Let me know what your tips are and what works for you!:)

 XOXO, Fede:)

P.S. I'm not a nutritionist, I've only explain what works for me and my ideas.

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