My three essentials!

Hello everyone!
What if I'd be in a desert island and I had to bring with me only three products?
I decided to write a post about three of my favorite makeup products, the ones that I cannot live without. What I love about this products is the fact that they are multi-use. This is something I love about makeup products: what has been made for the lips could be used for the cheeks also!
So... Here you are my three favorite products!

Maybelline "Eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner" in  Brown (952)

This eyeliner is incredible! If you don't like the glossy finish of liquid liners and you prefer matte one gel eyeliner is what you need! I love matte finish for eyes and lips and this brown eyeliner is the best! It doesn't came off easily (I use olive oil as makeup-remover when I wear it) but you can wear it with not having the problems of smudging eyeliner! I use it like eyeliner, obviously, but even also as cream shadow (like a base or alone) and for fill in my eyebrows (I dip the angled brush into the product and I remove the excess dabbing it on the hand so I get the right amount of it! ).
It came with a brush... That I never used for it! It's great for the precise application of lipstick!
I tried to make some photos of mine but they're not so good! Even because I used it a lot of times so it grows a little bit! So I took this photo on the net.

Revlon "Colorbust matte balm" in Elusive
As I already said I love matte lipsticks (I rarely wear lipglosses) and this is the perfect shade for me, it's like "my lips but better"! Even if it has a matte finish it doesn't dry out my lips but before applying it, while I put foundation and all the other stuff "on mah face", I put a chap stick on, so my lips are super moisturized!
This product is also wonderful as a blush! It's of a light pink color which is perfect for every type of eye-makeup (smokey, with colored eyeshadow or with a natural finish).


Maybelline "Fit me concealer" in 10 Light
I love this concealer because is lightweight and it brightens my face without using too much product even because it's a shade lighter of my foundation.
For a natural finish I use it without foundation and only in the places where I need some coverage (under-eye, on the bridge of my nose, in my chin and forehead).
                                                                                      I'm not the best photographer in the world... Sorry!
Those are my three essentials, tell me in the comments if you want a review of one (or all!) of the products!
Hope you liked it! Let me know what yours are!
                                                                             Bye, Fede:)

P.S. I decided to publish posts every other day. Tell me if this bother you and you want me to publish every day. Bye:)

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