Makeup & Me -The relationship!

Hello everyone!
Today I wanna talk you about the story of one of my passions: makeup ( way!!....)
Well, my relationship with makeup didn't start so well. I started wearing makeup at 14 years old, and the only thing I used was bronzer! I don't know why but I used it like it was a foundation (umpa-lumpa style!) and... oh my god!... If only I could go back in time!:)
Sooo! After a couple of years of this nightmare... I started to wear real make up (foundation and powder)! I started because, as normal when you're a teen, my skin started breaking out like crazy and my goal was to cover up the imperfections. The lasts 3 years of high school (when I change school) I decided not to wear "all that makeup", mainly because I wanted to let my skin breathe and, maybe, resolve my problem with imperfections. I started, so, wear only mascara and a little bit of powder (I have oily skin and I didn't want to look like a disco ball!) and, during the last year of school I didn't wear makeup at all, even because I started to be more secure of myself (or maybe because I didn't want to "waste" makeup for school!).
During those three years I started knowing always more about makeup and I started exploring his world. I learned, watching youtube videos, to learn some secrets that now I use every time I wear makeup. Only during the last year I found "my style" of wearing makeup.
I don't wear makeup everyday, there are days that I don't wanna even see makeup (because of the hot weather!), and, when I do, I go for a natural looking makeup.
I don't wanna hide my skin, I prefer that people can see my blemishes instead!
Thanks for spending some time reading this post! Comment if you want to know my basic foundation routine!:)
                                    Bye, Fede:)

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