Favorite songs - Deep House

Hello everyone!
Hope you've had a great weekend! Yesterday I was thinking about music and I realize that lately I'm not enjoying commercial/pop music while an year ago I listened only that type of music. Maybe because  they seem, to me, all the same, but I don't really know! Just I don't like listening them anymore!
What I really enjoy is Deep House music! I know it's a little bit weird... But... Hey!...  And I don't even like House music... I don't know why!
I love the sound of sax... That's why I love these songs! Even because those haven't got the "headache rhythm" of the "classic" house music! 
So... Without other words... Here you are my favorite songs!

Anyama, Naxxos
 I'm thinking about doing a post about the lyrics of this song cause they fully reflects my thoughts!
 Anyama (Free Download)

New Orleans, Naxxos

New Orleans

Only God Can Save Our Souls, Klingande
 I love all Klingande's songs (even Jubel and Punga) but I don't write them because everyone knows them. Am I right?
 Klingande’s avatar

Bloesem, Sam Feldt & De Hofnar

Sam Feldt & De Hofnar - Bloesem (Original Mix)

Pale Sun Rose, Matthew and the Atlas 
I don't like the voice... I hate it! But the song itself it's really good!

Matthew And The Atlas - Pale Sun Rose (TEEMID & FDVM Remix)

Miles Away, Aerokind
I love the guitar in this song and the rhythm is amazing!

Aerokind & GuitK - Miles Away (Original Mix)

Move, Aerokind
The flute in this song reminds me at Shrek 4 Forever After (the cartoon! When the ogres are captured  by the Pied Piper and start dancing!)... But in a good way! I don't wanna be offensive!

Aerokind - Move      

Those are my favorite songs! I hope you like these songs and this post! I don't know if I'll do other "favorite songs" tell me if you want it! Follow me if you want and let me know what your favorite songs are!
Have a nice week!

XOXO, Fede:)

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