50 facts about me!

Hello everyone!
Hope you've had a great weekend!
Today I decided to post the "50 facts about me TAG". It's a little bit long but if you like to know something more about me... Continue reading! Here you are the facts:
  1.  I've got two brothers younger than me (my sister is 15 and my brother's 11)
  2. I had a goldfish named Elton John who lived for 4 years!
  3. My mum was an hairdresser and I never payed for an haircut in my life (but sometimes she does what she wants and it's not a good thing!)
  4. I played tennis for a year, soccer for four, I did artistic gymnastic for 3 and a lot of swimming courses but I never reached my goal (to get fit)!
  5. I love winter
  6. I cannot stand hot weather
  7. I'm obsessed with the color aqua. OBSESSED!!!
  8. When I love a song I listen to it till I get sick!
  9. I cannot touch cheese (the one that I don't like) cause it makes me sick
  10. I don't smoke, I've never done and I never will
  11. I used to be obsessed with Duncan James (the one from the boyband "Blue")
  12. My favorite soccer team is Juventus and my favorite footballer is Alessandro del Piero (I think that now footballers are too "wild")
  13. I crashed a phone through the door of my dad's car 5 years ago! I was on vacation and I could not communicate with the rest of the world for two weeks! When I was 5 I went on vacation in Sharm el Sheikh and I hope I could go back there soon! I spent an amazing time there!
  14. As the time goes by I become more confident
  15. My favorite drugstore makeup brand is Maybelline. I love all of their products! ALL!!!
  16. I'm addicted to matte lipsticks!
  17. I hate soy milk
  18. I was addicted with "The Sims 3"
  19. I love kids
  20. I used to love white chocolate, now I'm obsessed with the milk one
  21. When I was 5 I've been the bridesmaid at my aunt wedding (I brought the flowers and my cousin the rings!) and I still have the dress I wear that day in my closet!
  22. I love nude nail polishes
  23. I'm addicted to white t-shirts, cardigans, hoodies... Everything that covers the upper part of my body I would like it was white (or cream)!
  24. I'm not a party girl at all! My boyfriend doesn't like that! I don't care!
  25. Lately I've been obsessed with deep-house music
  26. I'm an ordered person (I hate messy rooms, desks and everything that is disordered!)
  27. I'm thinking about getting an haircut (long bob style) since April, and maybe even get ombre hairs
  28. I've never had braces
  29. I've never broke a bone
  30. I love withe rooms (all white, walls and furniture), 'cause I don't like dark rooms
  31. I would like to talk several languages like Spanish, Portuguese and french
  32. Mt dream is to travel around the world
  33. My legs don't get tan at all! I could stay under the sun for a week and they will be white!
  34. My favorite animal is panda
  35. I'm addicted to coffee
  36. I love baking cakes
  37. I cook only because I have to
  38. I never follow recipes! I'm an independent woman!... Maybe not... 
  39. I'm in love with the film "The great Gatsby" with Leonardo di Caprio
  40. I love coconut, strawberries and vanilla
  41. I hate grapes! I cannot even touch them! 'cause when I was young my dad forced me to eat them!
  42. I love the colour(s) of  my eyes (blue, grey, green, it depends!)
  43. I love Winnie the Pooh
  44. I've got my driving license for two years
  45. I used to be really shy
  46. I hate when people talks to me when I've just woken up!
  47. On a daily bases I don't wear makeup at all!
  48. I make people know that I love them by biting them!
  49. I don't like people that gives up on everything
  50.  I hope I'll be a successful person! No matter what I'll do! I don't know what life's gonna bring me and I 'll know only living it!  
I hope you liked it! Let me know what yours are and follow me if you want!
            Bye, Fede:)

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