40 Beauty Questions TAG (part 1, Skincare)

Today I have for you the first part of a TAG, which I decided to divide in three because I think it was too long if written in a single post... I also wanna tell you that some products may be harsh for your skin (like the cleanser and the toner) and I use them because I'm searching to clear my skin from imperfections and blackheads (they contains salicylic acid). I also have sensitive skin in fact when I use different products I break out, but my skin reacts well to this products so I've never had problems.
  1. How many times do you wash your face daily? Twice! In the morning ad at night! 
  2. What skin type do you have (dry,oily,combo)? I've combo skin, oily in the T-Zone but in the rest of the face sometimes I get dry patches (and sometimes it gets oily too! I don't know why)
  3. What is your current facial wash? Actually I'm using the "Anti Blackheads Deep Pore Wash" from Garnier (of the "Pro-Active" line) and I have to admit that this cleanser really works! It unclogs my pores and I don't have a lot of blackheads as some months ago! I use even the toner from the same line, it's called "Pore Purifying Toner"! Oh and I have to say another thing about the cleanser! Even if it contains salicylic acid it's not so drying as you can think! So... I have nothing to complain about this!:)
    "Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash" from Garnier. I don't know if it's available in stores all over the world but in the net you will surely find it!

    "Pore Purifying Toner", always from Garnier, it burns a little bit and the first time that I used it I was really scared but after the burning sensation vanished it was all ok!:)
  4. Do you exfoliate? Yes! The cleanser that I use is also exfoliating. Sometimes I use a DIY exfoliate mix, sorry I don't know how to call it, made with honey and sugar, and sometime two drops of lemon juice, which leaves my skin so soft! You have to try it!
  5. What brand do you use? Garnier.
  6. What moisturizer do you use? I use a natural moisturizer! Which is great cause it doesn't clog the pores... Yay!!!!:)
  7. Do you have freckles? No... Well... I don't know how to explain it! In the center of my face I have none... But in my hairline yes. I don't know if you've understand:) Do you???:)
  8. Do you use eye cream? No. I know I should! If you have some suggestions tell me in the comments please! That is drugstore:)
  9. Do you or did you have acne prone skin? Yes!
  10. Did you ever have to use Pro-activ? No:)

I hope you like this post!:) On Friday I'll post the rest of the TAG... Stay tuned!:)
Oh and also... I wanna thank all of you for reading this (and maybe all the other) post! It means a lot for me (A LOT! REALLY!!). You are so special for me! Before I started blogging I didn't know what having someone who reads your blog was... But now I understand... I only hope that my posts (mainly the inspirational ones and even my history) helped you! Subscribe if you want... I'll be even happier!! And more thankful!:) I'm almost starting crying so... I stop!
Love you, Fede:)

P.S. I try a lot of products for clearing my skin and those are the only ones that works. In this post, when I talked about them, I write my own opinion and I was not paid for it.

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